November 2018 Horoscopes


Although there will be some big shifts taking place this month, things may still feel like they aren’t up to full speed as aggressive Mars enters dreamy and introverted Pisces on November 15 and Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16. However, there will be something that we can celebrate and that’s when Jupiter; the planet of growth, good fortune, and optimism moves home to happy-go-lucky  Sagittarius on November 8 after spending the last year in the murky waters of Scorpio. With Jupiter at home in Sagittarius for the next thirteen months, not only does it mean more abundance, adventure, and goodwill to go around (especially with Sagittarius season kicking off on November 22) but it also means that we’ll also be focusing more closely on the ethically or morally right thing to do for ourselves and others.

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