Terms Of Service & Cancellation Policy

Please note that any information you provide me is kept confidential. My consultations are objective and are designed to give you the information you need to make educated choices. Ultimately, whatever choices you decide to make after a reading are exactly that, YOUR choices and your responsibility. My advice aside, I will always defer to you to use your best judgement to choose what is best for you. I am not a fortune teller. You have a say in what and what does not happen in your life.

Please also note that I do not offer refunds on sessions. If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment, you have the opportunity to reschedule your session with at least 24 hours notice. No-shows or lateness beyond 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment time will forfeit your appointment and your fee paid. By purchasing a reading with me you acknowledge you have understood and agreed to the above terms.

FAQ #1

What if I don't know the time I was born?

For the sake of accuracy and detail, I do require an exact or approximate birth time for most of my astrology readings. I usually suggest contacting the Department of Vital Records, the Bureau of Vital Statistics, or its equivalent in the city you were born to request your birth certificate/time. If you were born outside of the US, your local Department of Vital Records may be able to assist you in getting your birth records as well. The hospital where you were born may also have this information on file. There may be a small fee charged by these agencies to access this information.

FAQ #2

Will an astrology reading solve all of my problems?

As a believer in free will and personal agency, I don't believe that astrology can solve your problems, but rather give you the information and insight necessary for you to solve them on your own. Simply put - astrology is not a magic wand. In order to get the most out of a reading you have to be willing to put in the work and dedication to changing your own life.  For example, a love reading could show you that new love is on the way, but if you haven't done the self-development to be open and available to it, that relationship may never materialize. As such, I usually avoid answering "yes or no" based questions like "Is he/she/they the one(s) for me?" or "will I find the one?" as those questions fail to factor in the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to our own happiness. While there are situations and circumstances out of our control when it comes to life, my goal is to show you how to handle what you can control and navigate what you can't. 

How should I prepare for my reading?

In order to get the most out of your session with me, please make sure to block out at least two hours out of your schedule or schedule your reading during a day that you won’t be pressed for time. Please do not schedule your reading for your lunch break or in between appointments as being in a rushed, distracted space will not allow you to be fully present to your reading.

Please also make sure that you will be able to be in a quiet, undisturbed place at the time of your reading. Loud background noise, constant interruptions, or anything else that could be considered disruptive to our session will hinder me from giving you the best service possible. Please be respectful of my time and yours.

FAQ #3