June 2019 Horoscopes



This month, we’re not only called to get curious about the world around us by connecting with others and pursuing experiences that stimulate our minds, we’re called to do it with heart, especially as chatty Mercury spends time in tenderhearted Cancer (beginning June 4) and passionate Leo (beginning June 26). One reason for this comes courtesy of the New Moon in communicative Gemini on June 3, followed by love planet Venus entering Gemini on June 8. With the help of the New Moon and Venus in Gemini, we should find ourselves eager to learn, try new things, and make new friends along the way.

Though with chatty Mercury entering tenderhearted Cancer on June 4, followed by Cancer season kicking off on June 21, we’re called to make our connections, conversations, and actions count. And with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17, the message of the month is clear—if it doesn’t contribute to our growth or make a meaningful contribution, it’s time to let it go. Wherever we may have been overly optimistic or avoiding seeing things as they are, we can look to dreamy Neptune in compassionate Pisces beginning its five month retrograde on the 21st to help clear away the fog.

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June 2018 Horoscopes

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Although Gemini season is in full swing, the pace this month slows down significantly once the planets begin shifting into cautious Cancer, pushing us to lean on our intuition rather than making snap judgments. At the same time, active Mars will also begin its two-month retrograde; backtracking through the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn and helping us to make sure we’re not blindly following the rules in place or investing our energy into futile endeavors. Planet Neptune (dreams, illusions, compassion) also goes retrograde this month in Pisces, pushing us to see through illusions and to see things as they are. In fact, with a Full Moon in no-nonsense Capricorn happening this month as well, many of us are due for a reality check.

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Monthly Horoscopes for June 2017

The themes of nurturing and stability will be strong this month as a bevy of planets flood your zone of home and family beginning on June 4th when Mars enters Cancer. With your patron saint camped out in one of the most private zones in your chart, you may find yourself spending lots of energy on home-related things – like finding a new one or upgrading the one you have. Since this area of your chart is also connected with the past, you may find yourself becoming rather emotional over the course of this month as you deal with the strain of a family relationship or the healing of a past trauma. With Mars overseeing anger and frustration, it’ll be important for you to have healthy outlets and a nurturing support system to help you deal with whatever comes bubbling up. For some Aries, this may mean considering counseling or therapy options. On a somewhat lighter note, having Mars in this zone of your chart can also be helpful in teaching you lessons on the importance of trusting your gut.

Things lighten up a bit come June 6th when Venus enters Taurus (your money zone) and Mercury moves home to Gemini (your zone of communications). With money-making Venus on your side, you could find yourself getting a raise in salary, expanding your client base, or receiving an offer for a new job all while learning the value of honoring your worth. And speaking of your self-worth, did you know that ego is often a cover-up for insecurity? True confidence needs no ego, because a confident person recognizes that deep down can’t no one stop or dull their shine. It’s time for you to find that confidence, Aries. Meanwhile, Mercury in Gemini keeps things light and entertaining while helping you to network with others as well pick up new skills and information that could push you far.

On the 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your zone of travel, opportunity, and education. Under the influence of this moon, you could be offered an opportunity to study or teach overseas, receive word of passing an important exam, or find yourself ready for your next great adventure. With Jupiter also turning direct in Libra, your zone of partnership, you should find yourself moving forward when it comes to relationships too. Business partnerships and collaborations could help you to open doors to new avenues of income while romance sees an improvement as well. Jupiter will be working on your behalf to make sure your dating schedule stays full.

It’s best to use this time to get in as much fun as you can because when the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, your home and private life will be a focus again. While this doesn’t mean that you won’t be having any fun, it does means time spent with close family and friends and low-key evenings at home will be more of your cup of tea. With Mercury also joining the Sun and Mars in Cancer on the 21st, you’ll find yourself in the mood for the quiet time to reflect and recharge. On the 23rd, the New Moon in Cancer can be helpful if you’ve been thinking about moving, relocating, or selling property. If you’ve been thinking about starting a home-based business this moon is also for you. Overall, look to this moon to help you with cultivating the emotional nourishment and sense of stability you need to forge ahead.

This month your major lessons and opportunities revolve around learning the importance of what to say and how to say it as well as being open to new ideas and points of view. Your journey begins on June 4th when go-getter Mars enters Cancer, your zone of communication, which should have your brain percolating with inspiration. Since Mars loves to be put to work, use the next few weeks to work on building or growing a platform for your business, book, media project, or blog. Mars will be lending you some extra confidence to speak up and get noticed, which means you’ll have a better chance at captivating your audience. One thing to note is that having hot-headed Mars in this zone can make you extra opinionated and hyper-reactive. It will be important to think carefully before you let those texts, emails, or tweets fly as you don’t want to have to do damage control later. If you need to complete a study or research project, Mars could give you the focus you need to stay on track, while pushing you to find new ways to solve old problems.

When June 6th rolls around, get ready for a little fun as Venus, your patron saint, returns home to Taurus – your zone of self-image and confidence. With Venus in her element and working her magic on your behalf, expect to be the one that everyone wants right now when it comes to business or pleasure. Since Venus is also in charge of beauty, let her inspire you to revamp your wardrobe, change your hairstyle or hair color, or to experiment with a new beauty regimen. Meanwhile, Mercury enters Gemini (also on June 6th) and moves into your zone of income. With Mercury here, you’ll be motivated to keep better track of your money as well as inspired to pursue a new gig or client list. Allow Mercury’s wit to assist you in creating new sources of income, possibly through freelancing or consulting.

On June 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates your zone of intimacy, finances, and rebirth. With the help of this moon, you could find the courage needed to let go of a draining relationship (whether current or former) or to put a financial situation to rest. Since this zone is also connected to deep soul bonding with others, this full moon could also help you with sealing the deal when it comes to an intimate relationship. With Jupiter in Libra also moving forward again on this day – in your zone of work, health, and routine – you should be feeling optimistic again when it comes to your job search/prospects. On the same token, you should find yourself feeling physically better as well. Just be mindful about overdoing it with food, drink, and goodies as Jupiter is also known for excess.

When the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, followed by Mercury that same day, life gets super busy. You’ll find yourself craving all sorts of new experiences and information and constantly on the go. Since this zone of your chart is also associated with acquiring skills, you may find yourself motivated to boost your own skillset (with a workshop or training) that could help you to become more marketable in the long run. On the 23rd, look to the New Moon in Cancer to help you with letting go outworn perspectives and beliefs. You’re embarking on a new path and you will have a tough time moving forward if you don’t allow yourself to start thinking forward first. If you have a project, event, or website to launch this moon can also be helpful for you.

You’ve got your money on your mind for most of this month thanks to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars all entering Cancer, your zone of income and self-worth. Mars gets things started when it moves into Cancer on June 4th, which could have you actively looking for ways to increase your income and sense of stability. Since Mars is known for impulsiveness, you’ll have to watch out for sudden expenses or burning through your cash faster than you can make it. Since this area of your chart is associated with self-esteem and self-worth, hosting Mars in this zone could have you ready to fight for what you believe you deserve, which could be useful when it comes to asking for more money. However, if you find that you aren’t where you want to be yet in terms of your finances, try not to beat yourself up about it. Just put Mars to work in changing things around.

On June 6th, Venus enters Taurus, your zone of rest, healing, and retreat. With pleasure-loving Venus here, your key to happiness and well-being is self-care and solitude. This means that sleeping in and finding time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world is what you’ll want most. Since Venus is at home in Taurus, you may also find that your creative energy gets a big boost too. With communicative Mercury moving back home to Gemini (also on June 6th) and entering your zone of confidence and self-image, don’t be surprised if you find yourself channeling that creative energy into gold. If you find yourself feeling particularly inspired, go with that inspiration, as you never know what genius you may come up with at this time. One caveat: hosting Venus in this very private, very dreamy zone means that you may be tempted to start up a secret romance or get involved with someone that may be too good to be true. Use Mercury to help you keep your wits about you.

Speaking of relationships, the Full Moon in Sagittarius lands in your zone of partnership on June 9th, which could bring a relationship to a close or help you to move on to the next chapter with the one you love. Since this area also covers professional partnerships, this moon could help you to solidify an agreement or collaboration that could help your business or professional life to blossom. With Jupiter, the planet associated with growth and opportunity, moving forward again in Libra (your zone of fun, creativity, and romance) you should find your interior life picking up some steam too. Single Gemini should find their dating prospects improving while bae’d up Gemini should find their relationship renewed with a sense of purpose.

Since Jupiter is also associated with truth, having Jupiter direct in this zone also means that it’s time to take the self-realizations that you’ve had over the last four months and incorporate them in being your most authentic self without fear or reservation. On the 21st when the Sun enters Cancer, followed by Mercury, the focus returns to your money once again. If money has been an issue, this will be a good time to go over your budget to see where you may be able to save better or keep better track of what comes in and out of your bank account. If you don’t have a budget, now would be a good time to create one. Look to the New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd to help you with landing a new job, a new client, or pay increase.

Happy Birthday, Cancer! It’s all about you this month as nearly half the cosmos lines up behind you to catapult you forward. The party begins on June 4th, when go-getter Mars moves into Cancer, your zone of self-image and confidence. Get ready to run the world for the next six weeks as Mars will be giving you the strength, strategy, and courage to overcome challenges and accomplish just about anything you put your mind towards. If you have something that you’ve been wanting to do but may have been feeling a bit apprehensive about it, allow Mars to give you that extra push to go for it. A note: with Mars being known for being rash and impulsive, you may want to guard yourself against accidents now. Rushing, speeding, not taking your time, or not thinking things through could increase your chances for a mishap so try to take your time doing things when you can. However, if you’ve been thinking about getting fit or dropping a few extra pounds, Mars could give you the energy and stamina to do so.

By June 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, your zone of friendship and future plans. With Venus here, it’s possible for you to uncover new opportunities just by connecting with the people around you. As such, make plans to network on and offline as the reputation you’ve been building will begin to generate buzz. When it comes to your fun and pleasure, your friends will play a major role this month. Make sure to go to as many events, gatherings, and parties as possible. You might also find romance in the process. With communicative Mercury moving into Gemini (your zone of rest and retreat) also on the 6th, you may find yourself in need of more quiet time than usual to think, write, study, or create. If you have any ideas that come to you while Mercury is in Gemini, wait until Mercury moves to Cancer to share them with others. (More on that in a sec).

On June 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius brings the spotlight to your zone of work, health, and routine. If you’ve been experiencing some issues with your job or thinking of quitting, this moon could mark an abrupt exit. However, you shouldn’t worry too much, as an ending can be a beginning too. Plus, with lucky Sagittarius in the mix, there’s a good chance you’ll land on your feet whether the separation was intentional or not. In terms of your health, this moon could also highlight a need to take better care of yourself, especially where it comes to stress management, diet, exercise, and nutrition. Use the full moon to help you with breaking any unhealthy habits. Also on the 9th, lucky Jupiter begins moving forward again in Libra, your zone of home and family. With Jupiter direct, you should have a clearer idea in terms of where you’ve been and where you’re going. If you’ve been looking to move or purchase property, Jupiter could help.

By June 21st the Sun enters Cancer, blessing you with warmth, good vibes, and plenty of attention. With the Sun making you the star of the show, you should find yourself to be irresistible to others -- which could bring opportunities in terms of love and business, especially as communicative Mercury enters Cancer on the 21st as well. You’ll have the gift of gab now, so use it wisely. If you’ve been thinking about undergoing a makeover of sorts, look to the New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd to help you with starting fresh or upgrading your look.


It’s time to focus on your interior life this month as multiple planets camp out in Cancer – your zone of rest, retreat, and endings. Mars shows up first, entering Cancer on June 4th, which isn’t the most comfortable of places for this feisty planet. While Mars is here, you’ll find that anger, resentment, and staying motivated may be challenging for you. Though know that ultimately Mars needs a space to release all the pressure that it builds up, and that means you may need to give yourself ample space to cry or feel the number of emotions that may come up now. As a sunny Leo, you can sometimes get caught up in the idea that you should be cheery and happy all the time, which could have you running from your deeper feelings. Hosting Mars in one of the most sensitive places in your chart will ask that you confront anything you’ve been avoiding, especially when it comes to fear and anger. Learning how to let things go, namely things that you can’t control will be a running theme as well as learning the power of faith. Meanwhile, this will also be the perfect opportunity to actively give yourself space to dream, relax, and recharge. If you can make time to get away, do so.

You’ll find that you’ll need as much rest as you can get because when Venus enters Taurus (your career zone) on June 6th, you’ll be in high demand. While Venus moves through this zone, it’ll be the perfect time to go after a promotion, salary increase, or to launch a creative venture. Venus will be giving you the right amount of magic and charm to dazzle the crowd and win fans over, which can be especially helpful for building a stellar professional reputation and unlocking opportunities. With Mercury moving to curious Gemini, your zone of friendship and future plans, on June 6th as well; look to capitalizing on the reputation and buzz you’re building by networking and collaborating with others.

When the Full Moon in Sagittarius lands in your zone of fun, romance, and creativity on June 9th; you could find yourself ending a romance or deciding to take one to the next level. On another note, you could bring a creative project to completion that thrusts you into the spotlight in some way. Overall, look to this full moon as your impetus to release anything that may be hampering your creativity, passion, or thirst for life. It’s time to reconnect to what fuels you, and part of that means being your fabulous self without shame or self-doubt.

On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer, joining Mars and followed by Mercury. Under the influence of this cosmic combination your source of energy, strength, and mental clarity will come through frequent periods of solitude and ample rest. With your birthday approaching, it’s important that you do some emotional and spiritual house cleaning to prep for the good things to come. That means that you’ll have dump all the psychic trash that you’ve accumulated within the last twelve months. Keeping a journal, working with a therapist or a spiritual coach, or developing a meditation practice could help you to clear away blockages and heal. Meanwhile, having Mercury in this zone could helpful for tackling anything that requires quiet time for research, writing, or brainstorming ideas. Pay extra attention to your intuition at this time because it will be strong. Look to the New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd to help you with pursuing a long time dream or to act on an inspiration as you’ll be surprised at what a little faith can do.

It’s time to focus on making your hopes and wishes come true this month as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars move through Cancer; your zone of friendship and future plans. Mars the go-getter leads the way when it enters Cancer on June 4th. Mars will be motivating you to take charge of your destiny by pushing you to take your plans more seriously, helping you to find the resources you need along the way. As part of this mission, you may find yourself questioning the groups and associations you belong to and actively cutting anyone loose that doesn’t align with the person you strive to be. If you suddenly feel like you don’t fit in like you used to, it’s because Mars is pushing you to grow. Since this zone deals with the collective, Mars could also have you leading the way when it comes causes or movements that help to improve the lives of those in need and the world as a whole.

On the 6th, Venus steps into Taurus, your zone of travel, education, and opportunity. With pleasure-loving Venus in this zone; you’ll have the most fun visiting new and exciting places, learning things that help to broaden and expand your mind, and perhaps falling in love too. If you’re a writer or specialize in media; Venus could also help you to line your pockets by getting published or receiving the opportunity to bring your message to wider audience. A chance to teach or study abroad could also be offered to you. Also coming up on June 6th, Mercury moves home to Gemini, your zone of fame, achievement, and career. This means you could receive the opportunity to speak or present on something related to your work, which could land you in the spotlight and win you lots of fanfare. If you need to spread the word about what you’re doing, Mercury can help.

On the 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius illuminates your zone of home and family. With the help of this moon, you could seal the deal on a new house or apartment or make the decision to leave where you currently are in search for something better. In terms of your family relationships, this moon could also be helpful in getting you to cut ties with toxic relatives or to heal a rift between you and someone close to you. At the same time, this moon could be just what you need to let go of a painful experience or something unpleasant from your past.

On the same day (June 9th), Jupiter begins moving forward in Libra – your zone of income and self-worth – which could get the money flowing again. If you’ve been looking for a new job but have been finding things moving slow, having Jupiter direct will help you significantly. On that same token, Jupiter will be on hand to teach you the importance of thinking in terms of abundance, which will helpful in finding opportunities or resources where there are seemingly none. Have faith that what you need is always coming to you. On the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer (followed by Mercury) which means that your source of warmth, energy, and strength will come from spending time with close friends. If you find yourself in need of support, look to the people around you to help. On the 23rd, the New Moon in Cancer can help you with making new contacts with influential people that can help open doors for you.

You’re about to hit boss level this month as the cosmos sends some blessings your way when it comes to your career, as bevy of planets filter through Cancer, your zone of fame and achievement. The glow-up begins on June 4th when confident Mars enters Cancer. With Mars giving you the eye of the tiger, expect to make leaps and bounds in your professional life. If there’s something big you’ve been wanting to go after like a client, promotion, or a career defining achievement, you can make the magic happen now. Be warned though, Mars doesn’t always take kindly to being told what to do so you could find yourself clashing with authority or those that work above you. If you feel like you’re due for a change where your work is concerned, Mars could give you the courage to strike out on you own path or to exit an unfulfilling situation. With Cancer season making everyone extra sensitive and emotional, it will be important that you don’t make any important career decisions from a reactive place. However, you should still honor how you feel.

And speaking of feelings, when Venus moves home to Taurus (your zone of intimacy, finances, and rebirth) on the 6th, you’ll be craving a much deeper connection when it comes to sex and relationships. Make sure you heed those cravings for a meatier form of intimacy, as it will help you to better weed out superficial and undeserving matches. If you’ve been feeling down on love or feeling un-sexy, Venus in Taurus can help you with getting back in touch with your juiciness. Remember, how you feel on the inside determines what goes down on the outside. Take time to focus on your own pleasure. On June 6th, Mercury also moves into Gemini; your zone of travel, education, and opportunity. Use Mercury to help you with broadening your experiences while possibly getting your name in print.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your zone of communication on June 9th. Under this full moon, a creative project or idea could come to fruition, landing you in the spotlight while the right conversation or exchange with someone could blow your mind in a way that shifts your perspective for the better. If you have a website, event, or product to promote; use this full moon to draw in an audience. On the same day, Jupiter finally begins moving forward in Libra, your zone of confidence and self-image. Over the past four months you may have been feeling a bit off-kilter or as though things were dragging along. That’s because you were meant to slow down and reassess your direction and self-image. With Jupiter moving forward you should be feeling more in alignment with your purpose and your belief in yourself restored.

Since Jupiter is the planet associated with opportunity and optimism, you should also find that good things, good people, and good vibes come to you a lot easier. With Mars helping you to push forward in your career, Jupiter will be helping you to make big moves too. Add the Sun and Mercury in Cancer to the mix (June 21st) and you’ll feel practically unstoppable. Your ship is coming in Libra, so make sure you’re ready. Look to the New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd to initiate any projects or decisions in your professional life. Marriage could also be on the table. Congrats!

Freedom is a big theme for you this month as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars transit through Cancer, your zone of travel, education, and opportunity. Mars kicks things off on June 4th, motivating you to move beyond what you already know and inspiring you to go off on new adventures. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself booking last minute trips; ready to fly off at a moment’s notice. As a matter of fact, this would be an enjoyable time to follow a whim when it comes to traveling as you never know what kind of awesome things await you. At the same time, you’ll be ready to open your mind to something different, which means this is also a great time to study and research as Mars will be giving you the drive to push through. One word of caution though: since this area of your chart also has to do with politics, philosophy, and religious beliefs; you may want to be mindful of getting into arguments with others about what you believe versus what they believe as Mars in Cancer can be emotionally reactive. However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t speak up in the face of gross injustice, as Cancer is the nurturer and protector.

On June 6th, Venus moves into Taurus, your zone of partnership and marriage. If you’re currently single and looking for someone to call your own, Venus will be working her love magic to help you meet someone new. Meanwhile, Scorpios who’ve already found the love of their lives could find themselves falling in love all over again. If you have a significant other, plan for some quality time together to keep the romance going. Since partnership also covers business relationships, professional collaborations or joint ventures could help you reap in some big rewards too. With Mercury entering Gemini (your zone of intimacy, finances, and rebirth) on the 6th, money will also be a focus for you this month. Use Mercury’s thinking power to help you come up with a financial plan to invest, pay off debt, or merge money with a partner.

Speaking of money, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th will put the spotlight on your zone of income, self-worth, and possessions. Under the influence of this moon you could decide to leave a dead-end, low-paying job in search of something better, land a raise in pay, or book a top-level client, as Sagittarius is all about abundance. If you’ve been having issues with cash flow, this full moon could also show you where you may need to be more trusting that your needs will be met. Remember, lack is also a state of mind. With Jupiter going direct in Libra, your zone of rest, healing, and retreat (on June 9th). Over the last few months, you may have found your faith tested in more ways than one but with Jupiter moving forward now, you should have a renewed belief in something bigger, as well as how to bring more harmony to your inner life. Since Jupiter is a planet that’s connected to growth – you should be able to make progress in your own spiritual growth. Hint: do more of what feeds your soul.

On the 21st the Sun enters Cancer, joining Mars, which means you might as well add “jet-setter” to your name. Add Mercury in Cancer to the mix on June 21st too and you’ll find yourself in the mood to learn and soak up as much info as you can. Taking workshops, classes, or getting your fill on books will be an excellent place to start, especially after the New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd. For the teachers and students among you, this could also be time where you’ll be traveling on behalf of knowledge.

Passion, sex, power, money. These are all themes that will be prominent for you this month as a bevy of planets in Cancer (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars) electrify your zone of intimacy, rebirth, and finances. The intrigue begins on June 4th with Mars moving into Cancer which will be turning up your sex drive and magnetism times one thousand. You should have no shortage of admirers as a result, however you’ll find that just anyone won’t do as you’re craving a soul-level kind of bond. If you’re in a relationship Mars could help you to turn up the heat in the bedroom, which could help to bring you and your lover closer. Meanwhile, for those of you that may be feeling like your relationship is a dead end, Mars will also be on hand to give you the courage to say goodbye, especially if this person has been a manipulative, draining, or abusive presence in your life. One thing to note: hosting Mars here could bring up old resentments, traumas, or pain. Best to be prepared to work with a therapist, guide, or healer that can help you to heal your wounds and reclaim your power. Overall, you will be learning the value of strength, vulnerability, and how the two aren’t necessarily exclusive.

Self-care and preservation will continue to be a theme when Venus enters Taurus, your zone of health, work, and routine, on June 6th. With Venus here, your job will be to figure out how to insert love into your everyday, whether it’s doing things that make you feel good on the inside or out, or doing work that brings you a sense of fulfillment. If you’ve been on the job hunt, there’s a chance you could receive a job offer with true growth potential. A bump in salary could also be possible. On the 6th, Mercury also moves home to Gemini, your zone of partnership which could make business partnerships and collaborations a source of extra income, while romantic relationships win with a little spontaneity. Those that can show you something new are the ones to look for.

On June 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius lands in your zone of self-image and confidence. Under the full moon putting the spotlight on you and your needs, you could have an aha moment when it comes to what you want and the direction you want to go in, especially when it comes to leaving behind something or someone that’s been holding you back. You of all people know that you have the power to write your destiny regardless of whatever may happen. This moon will give you the fuel you need to move past challenges. At the same time, this moon could help to bring attention and fanfare to your front door, which means if you’ve been wanting to get noticed or put your name out there, this moon will help spread the word far and wide. Another blessing comes around on June 9th when Jupiter, your patron saint, finally moves forward in Libra, your zone of friendship and future plans. With Jupiter moving forward, you should be able to better capitalize on the reputation, work, or brand that you’ve been steadily building. Between Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra, this is the time to connect and establish relationships with others as a means of moving forward too.

On the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer bringing the focus back inward. With Mercury also entering Cancer that day, you can work with this cosmic combination to help you with releasing any outdated beliefs while learning how your thoughts and feelings influence what happens in your outer world. Simply put: if you expect things to go sour they will. Focus on the things that you do want. Then look to the New Moon in Cancer (June 23rd) to deliver. P.S. watch your money closely.


Relationships are a major focus for you this month, with multiple planets in Cancer activating your zone of partnership and marriage. The action begins on June 4th, when Mars enters Cancer first. With Mars here, you’ll feel motivated to join forces with others as a way of improving or increasing what you already have, especially when it comes to business partnerships. The point of having Mars here is to team up and learn from those that can help you to shake up your routines and try something new. If you have a large task to undertake, Mars can help you to get people on your side that are focused and ready to work. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you’ll find that staying active and busy together will recharge the two of you as well as the relationship. Meanwhile, Capricorns looking for love will find themselves being attracted the most to adventurous, passionate souls. However, the downside to this transit is of course arguments and fighting. If there’s something you’ve been avoiding dealing with when it comes to an important relationship, Mars will stir it up and force you to confront it.

The intensity eases up a bit as Venus enters Taurus – your zone of fun, creativity and romance – on June 6th. Love becomes a bright spot for you, increasing the chances of meeting someone new, while coupled Capricorns should find themselves happily remembering what they love about their partner. Creatively, you’ll also be doing well, which means this is the perfect time for bringing a creative brainchild into the world. Not only will Venus be helping you making money from what you create, but you’ll remember what it’s like to truly enjoy what you do. If pleasure has been a foreign concept lately, it’s time to indulge. When Mercury enters Gemini (your zone of work, health, and routine) on June 6th, prepare to be busy. Work to get your health and schedule in order.

Your health will also be highlighted under the Full Moon in Sagittarius in on June 9th, as the moon illuminates your zone of rest, retreat, and healing. This full moon could feel rather cathartic for you, so it will be important to give yourself some space or solitude to release any feelings you’ve been trying to solider through. Look to this as a time to release the things you can’t control, to let go of any self-limiting beliefs, and to seek out resources that support you on an emotional and spiritual level (like a meditation retreat). On the same day Jupiter goes direct in Libra, your zone of fame, career, and achievement. Things may have slowed down significantly in your professional life over the last few months, as the goal was to help you reassess your direction and what you envisioned for yourself in terms of your plans and goals. Now that the planet of opportunity is moving forward again, you can expect to move forward too. This time things will feel much easier and progress will be made much faster.

On the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer followed by communicative Mercury. Over the next few weeks, expect to meet all sorts of interesting people that can help to open your mind to all sorts of things that you may have never thought possible. For couples, this could be a good time to work on communication issues. When the New Moon in Cancer arrives on the 23rd, it’s time to do some house cleaning with your relationships.

There’s a lot going on this month – like literally. Your job will be making sure you keep your head above it all. The action starts on June 4th when aggressive Mars enters Cancer; your zone of health, work, and routine. With Mars heating up the scene, expect your schedule and work day to get real hectic, which means there will be lots more on your plate to handle. However, don’t fret too much as Mars will be giving you the energy to tackle whatever comes your way. On the same token, Mars in Cancer can be quite an emotional energy to deal with which means you’re going to have healthy outlets available to channel it. Look into boxing classes, hot yoga, Zumba, or anything that allows you to sweat and get that energy out! Be wary of emotional eating as well. Meanwhile, you could find your co-workers or boss getting under your skin faster than usual, which could have you ready to quit and move on. If you’ve been working in a toxic or unproductive work environment for far too long, Mars can help you find the motivation to move on.

By June 6th, Venus enters Taurus; your zone of home and family. With pleasure-loving Venus here, you’ll find the most joy and comfort kicking it around the house, whether with family, friends, or alone. Venus could also help you to redecorate or jazz up your living space, which could be helpful in shifting the mood or energy of your home. With all that will be going on in the world, it will be important that you have a happy space to retreat to and recharge your batteries. The intensity eases up a bit as Mercury moves home to Gemini (your zone of fun, romance, and creativity) on June 6th as well. With curious and chatty Mercury here, you’ll be in the mood to shake the dust from your feet and party. Try to get in as much fun as you can, as it will be another way you can blow off steam. Love could bring you a delightful surprise too.

On June 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your zone of friendship and future plans. Since full moons often represent endings or things coming to a head, there’s a chance that you and a friend might not see eye to eye. If this friend hasn’t exactly been a friend to you, saying goodbye may be exactly what you need. Another way the message of this moon could manifest, is by helping to bring you bring more attention to who you are and what you do. With this area of your chart associated with the internet and social media, you could make some major noise now that could get you noticed. On the same day, Jupiter begins moving forward in Libra (your zone of travel, education, and opportunity), which means if you’ve been feeling stuck, stalled, or stagnant in any way, you’ll have the chance to push through and get moving again. If you haven’t had the opportunity to travel abroad, Jupiter will have you ready to book that trip. Meanwhile you could also receive word of an award or acceptance when it comes to a degree program.

On the 21st the Sun enters Cancer, which means that your source of energy and confidence will come by prioritizing your responsibilities and taking better care of your body. Look to Mercury’s move to Cancer (also on the 21st) to help you with planning and getting organized. On the 23rd the New Moon in Cancer can help you start a new fitness regimen, get rid of clutter, or change unhealthy habits.

It’s time for some good times and good lovin’ this month, thanks to a crew of planets moving through Cancer; your zone of romance, creativity, and fun. The fun begins when passionate Mars enters Cancer on June 4th, stirring up your craving for thrills and excitement. Look for opportunities to get out and about and try something that you’ve never done, like deep sea diving, surfing, or driving cross country. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in high demand either, because once people get a glimpse of that glow you’ll have, they’ll find you impossible to resist. If looking for love, Mars will bring some hot, romantic, and adventurous souls to your door step. If you choose to let one of them in, there’s a strong possibility they will open you up to positive new experiences, which could be inspirational and affirming. One thing to note, Mars isn’t exactly the committing type so enjoy the ride while it lasts as you never know how far the journey will take you.

Venus will also be on hand helping you to meet new people and pursue your creative ideas once she moves home to Taurus, your zone of communication, on June 6th. If you have something you’ve been planning that you want to share with others and put on the map, Venus will be blessing you with the gift of gab in a way that can help you talk yourself into just about anything you want. This will also be a good time you have something that visually represents you and your work like a website or Instagram account as people will be wanting to know more about you and what you do. This could also translate into something good for you financially. When Mercury moves home to Gemini (your zone of home and family) on June 6th, you may find yourself considering a move or reconnecting with your family or relatives. Since Mercury is big on thinking and writing, you might find that keeping a journal or discussing your feelings with someone you trust could be cathartic and comforting.

On June 9th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius lands in your zone of fame, career, and achievement. With this full moon thrusting you into the spotlight, you could receive reward or recognition for your hard work. As such, a promotion or some media attention could be presented to you. Sagittarius is a sign that’s all about going further, doing bigger, and doing better. Keep your eyes on the prize this week, as you could also decide to make a swift exit from where you currently work with the intent to go after an opportunity you really want. On that same day, Jupiter begins moving forward in Libra – your zone of intimacy, finances, and rebirth. If things have felt slow (or unlucky) in matters of love or money, Jupiter direct will get things moving again in a positive direction. Tap Jupiter’s lucky powers to help you with attracting what you deeply desire. Keep faith and it can happen.

On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer which will motivate you to live your most authentic life. Simply put: if you’ve been trying to live life according to someone else’s standard, Cancer season will push you to shine your light and be yourself regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. When Mercury moves into Cancer on the 21st as well, you will find yourself in one of the most creative spaces that you’ve been in in some time. Use Mercury to intuitively follow through on any inspiration that you get as what you come up with now will be golden. Look to the New Moon on June 23rd to give yourself permission to start from a clean slate.