Full Moon = Endings and Beginnings...

Happy Full Moon! Today's full moon is brought to you by Aquarius, the sign of innovation and humanitarianism. Full Moons are a culmination of events already set into motion. Ideas and actions that have worked to benefit society at large will be the theme of the day. How have you made your corner of the world brighter for yourself and others? Was it a cooked meal? Advice given? A show of support or act of charity? Celebrate that today. (And please feel free to share your good deeds with me so I can share your amazing-ness with my followers on Facebook and Twitter! Let's give people good news for a change.)

On August 16th, Venus, the planet of relationship and wealth moved in to her airy home of Libra. The power of  partnership takes the forefront in the areas love and money. Often a partner (whether romantic or business) will bring to the table the things that we lack and vice versa, helping us to thrive as part of a super union, taking on the world with superhuman strength and witnessing its fullness through the eyes of another (I'm channeling Deepak Chopra out here, and yes he is a Libra. Lol!). Keep in mind that 'reciprocation' will be the key word during this phase.

Around August 25th, Venus gets some friction from Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The age old battle of What We Want vs. What We Need may come up for another round at this time. The question will be whether we can find a happy medium between desire and necessity in a way that is mutually supportive as Libra is all about harmony and balance. We may need to re-evaluate our  personal value system to get the answer.

On August 23rd the Sun and Mercury move to earthy Virgo, followed by a New Moon on September 5th. As the sign of health, service, and routine, planets in Virgo will be helping us to get out of vacation/party mode and back into the groove of handling business. The Sun and Mercury will be in perfect angle to begin laying the groundwork for big money moves, presentations, and launches. Just remember to craft your message/plans with an editor's eye. Virgo is a stickler for detail and budgets! To push things along, Mars moves out of watery Cancer into fiery Leo; a much better fit for the action-oriented planet. We'll have Mars in Leo until mid-October.

However, don't forget to schedule in some time to nourish and care for your body. Many of us don't allow room for self-care in our daily routines because we feel we either lack the motivation or time to do so, but in the end we pay greatly for it. Virgo says to make the time for self-care as a healthy body will be what saves you from that burned out, stressed out feeling (as well as illness) when the everyday hustle and bustle hits fever pitch.

If you need help getting organized, staying fit or on schedule use the New Moon in Virgo to help you set and meet these goals. Also, check out tips from professional organizer Amy Neiman of A Simplified Life (amyneiman.com) and certified fitness coach Suraiyah Ortiz (suraiyahfitness.blogspot.com) for help with staying on track. The Sun and Mercury will be traveling together until September 9th when Mercury moves into Libra, followed by the Sun on September 22nd.

Oh and last but not least: I have re-branded! Breadth and Sol Astrology is now My Life Created! All posts, updates, and emails going forward will be via mylifecreated.com. The website revamp was long overdue and I feel my new name speaks more toward the kind of work that I am doing, which is essentially to help beautiful people like you create the life they want. I'm so excited about my new baby and I hope you will be too! Of course, to celebrate my launch, I'm offering my full length readings on discount. Email me for info!