October Scope 2013

It's Libra Season! Happy Birthday to the ladies and gents ( Libra moons and risings included) who teach the rest of us how to keep it classy. During Libra season (September 23rd to October 22nd) the emphasis is on harmony and beauty. How do we effectively balance our needs with the needs of others? Can we meet halfway? While we're at it, let's gussy ourselves up and hit the town in style. Rub shoulders. Crack the champagne. Galleries and galas. It's amor, darlings. Can you see it?

But wait! Is there someone trying to pull one over on us or keeping secrets we're not privy to? Or perhaps it's we who know all and are waiting for just the right moment to unleash our scathing tell-all? Communication planet Mercury has left the niceties of Libra for the deep and choppy waters (read: covert ops) of Scorpio, where it will be from now until December 4th.

Not much for idle chit-chat and small talk, Mercury in Scorpio aims for meatier, weightier, emotionally charged subjects that most would consider impolite or inappropriate to discuss. Mercury in Scorpio needs to bring the ugly things to the surface in order for us to acknowledge their presence and heal whatever wounds such ugliness may have caused. At this time, we may find that we hear or see things that we don't want...but must. This will be especially true when Mercury goes retrograde from Oct. 21st to Nov 9th when we will be asked to review, review, review! Mercury retrogrades are perfect for rethinking, reexamining, redoing, and renegotiating any prior agreements, commitments, projects or plans. Mercury retrogrades, however, are not perfect for starting anything new. For more info on how to navigate a Mercury Retrograde read my latest post.

On October 4th, we get a New Moon in Libra. Since Libra is associated with Venus, this New Moon will give us the opportunity to better set and execute intentions around establishing new relationships or finding love, improving existing relationships, and fattening our wallets. If there's an idea, plan, hope or wish that you've had around either, the Universe sends us some extra mojo to make it happen. Note that this moon will be in a tense connection with Uranus and Pluto which suggests that the success of our new endeavor will depend on how we currently see ourselves. We may ask do we have the courage, smarts, looks, or resources to pull it off? The answer of course, is yes, if we're willing to confront our fears and step out of our comfort zone.

On October 8th, we get a little reprieve from all of this emotional work when Venus steps out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. Often billed as the life of the party Sagittarius pushes us to explore and indulge in anything that uplifts us. Just make sure to keep an eye on that purse or wallet as Venus in Sagittarius tends to overdo, overspend, overestimate...Have fun, take a risk but try not to literally go for broke. Remembering this advice will be especially important when Mars moves into Virgo on October 16th. Priding itself on discipline, usefulness, and details Mars in Virgo acts as a bit of an antithesis to Venus in Sagittarius, asking us to exercise the power of discernment when going after something we want. Venus in Sagittarius wants it all because she thinks bigger or more is better. Mars in Virgo asks first, is it necessary or is it useful? Mars in Virgo doesn't want to waste energy or time. As we all know of course, time is money.

Last but not least, eclipse season is upon us. On October 18th there will be an eclipse in Aries ready to shake, rattle and roll us up. Im kidding...sort of. Eclipses are potent, jarring, and at times largely overwhelming. Eclipses aim to wake us up from any self imposed slumber. If we've been feeling stuck or have been trying to hold on to something we no longer should, eclipses turn up the heat on us to get us to move. Because of their nature, eclipses can sometimes trigger events that are seemingly unfortunate or chaotic. Emotions are always on high around an eclipse. This is why it's important to engage in something (or be around people) that makes you feel grounded. This will help to avoid making any snap decisions or becoming (over)reactive.

Eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis always have to do with some sort of relationship, the paradigm of Me vs. We. Though eclipses affect us all differently, I believe the collective message of this eclipse will be around self-expression. Are we living authentically? Fearlessly? When we tell people "just be yourself" do we follow our own advice? Or, are we afraid to be who we really are because we fear judgement and ridicule? One thing to know is that Aries doesn't abide by anyone else's rules save its own. Aries lives by its own agenda. So Aries asks where in your life can you stand to be more badass? Where in your life do you need a little more...you?