Leo Season: The Number One Stunner

The world revolves around the Sun. Better yet, the world revolves around Leo--astrologically ruled by the Sun. If you've ever been around a Leo influenced (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) guy or gal--you know that no matter where they are, what they're doing or who they're with they COMMAND attention.

Ruling the zodiac's Fifth House of Creativity, Romance, & Fun; it's said that Leo's are natural born leaders and entertainers. On the low end of the scale these characteristics translate to stubborn, fussy drama kings and queens; however on the high end, Leo's are creatively gifted, fearless men and women capable of adding a little sunshine to everyone's day.

Wherever Leo falls in in our chart (and yes, we all have a little Lion in us all) is where we choose to live out our lives as loudly, playfully, and FIERCELY as possible.

Happy Solar Return Leo! I dedicate this Leo inspired theme to you:

 P.S. I have reason to believe Kanye is a Leo rising. What do you think?