Testimonials — See what people have said about my readings and workshops.

I wanted to put my best foot forward for 2017 for myself and I believe that you gave me the insight and tools to do so. I’m getting paid higher than I thought I would with a great company and started to practice better self-care that resulted in a 20lb weight loss and better skin! I also started a spiritual practice that resulted in less stress and anxiety too. Thank you again for sharing your gift and helping me understand myself better!
— Mykalee
Hi Mecca! Just want to thank you for your time and work! The report was everything I needed and more! I loved it!
— Andrea
Thank you, Mecca! Your reading was so scarily on point!
— Natalie
Listening to my Venus reading from Mecca was like getting real talk from a close friend who also happened to be an uncommonly empathetic astrologer with strong insight into the foundations of the situation at hand. But Mecca doesn’t just provide intuitive insights; she provides specific advice and actionable next steps (and this Capricorn loves actionable next steps). Mecca’s readings are supportive, encouraging, and bound to offer a clear path forward.
— Jeanna Kadlec
[Your workshop] was an awesome event! I left feeling so empowered and enlightened. Thank you, Mecca! I will definitely be recommending my friends to you!
— Tavora
My first time watching an [astrology] workshop in action at Eve’s Garden was nothing short of an amazing experience. Nothing makes me happier than a room full of open, inquisitive, and empowered people. Mecca Woods, you are a goddess among women.
— Michelle C.
Mecca has been my go-to astrologer for months now. I first learned about Mecca through Twitter, I loved her down to earth pithy punchy and personable astrology presentation. I was most drawn to seeing a Black woman astrologer who felt like a peer. After my first reading, I was sold. I have worked with other astrologers before, but Mecca has been the best for me and my experience. She helped provide insight into two important decisions that weighed heavily upon me. Throughout the readings, she not only provided guidance and insight but also made the reading feel tangible, credible, and relevant. I listen to the recording of my readings from months ago and I am always impressed with her accuracy. I highly recommend Mecca do not hesitate to book your astrology reading her style, approach, and expertise is unmatched.
— Whitney Sewell
Srsly, @TheMeccanism ‘s monthly horoscopes are so on point. Great guiding tool.
— @ThisIsNotJardy
Thank you @TheMeccanism for my reading & confirming that I am headed in the right direction. Please book a reading with her. She is radiant!
— @simplyBLove