Testimonials — See what people have said about my readings and workshops.

You. Are. The. Real. Deal. My reading you gave just blew me away. Spoke on things no one knows about. #ConjureWoman
— J.F.
Hi Mecca! Just want to thank you for your time and work! The report was everything I needed and more! I loved it!
— Andrea
Thank you, Mecca! Your reading was so scarily on point!
— Natalie
You are definitely a person that has made a major change possible in my life. Thank you!
— Corinne S.
[Your workshop] was an awesome event! I left feeling so empowered and enlightened. Thank you, Mecca! I will definitely be recommending my friends to you!
— Tavora
My first time watching an [astrology] workshop in action at Eve’s Garden was nothing short of an amazing experience. Nothing makes me happier than a room full of open, inquisitive, and empowered people. Mecca Woods, you are a goddess among women.
— Michelle C.
After your reading, I made a conscious effort to be more open and honest, which in turn, led to him doing the same. A month later, we’re in a relationship (and I haven’t been in a committed relationship in 6 yrs).
— R. Thomas
Srsly, @TheMeccanism ‘s monthly horoscopes are so on point. Great guiding tool.
— @ThisIsNotJardy
Thank you @TheMeccanism for my reading & confirming that I am headed in the right direction. Please book a reading with her. She is radiant!
— @simplyBLove