Why Does Astrology Work?


From the minute that we are born, The Universe provides us with a blueprint (known as a birth or natal chart) that goes beyond basic Sun signs (Aries, Capricorn, Pisces, etc.), to provide us with context and purpose to our lives. When we compare the cycles of the planets to the cycles here on earth--the natural ebb and flow of energy that takes place in and between all living things--a common thread shows up: to everything there is literally a season.

Think of all the times you've ever experienced absolute joy or sadness and the periods in your life that coincided with those feelings. You can think of those times as your own personal cycles. When used as a tool, astrology can show you how to make sense of where you've been, how to make the most of where you are now, and how to plan for and benefit from where you are headed next. No, the planets have not and will not do anything to you, and Free Will will always play a role in the choices we make but when we look at the world through an astrological lens, we can better see our role in it.



Progressively, here's what astrology can do for you:

Empower you to take responsibility for your choices and actions
Help you to improve your relationships, romantic and otherwise
Help you to overcome obstacles and live your purpose
Provide you with tools to diminish negative thinking and habits

In its essence, the birth chart is a guideline, a map. It gives us a clue as to how things work internally on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. When we take the time out to tap into the power of our charts, what we actually find is how best to tap into the power of ourselves. This gives us the leverage we need to play our role in the world with passion and confidence...and to have fun while we're at it. Through astrology, we can create the life we were born to live.

Please note that any information you provide me is kept confidential. My consultations are objective and are designed to give you the information you need to make educated choices. Ultimately, whatever choices you decide to make after a reading are exactly that, YOUR choices. Always.

So, that being said--let's get crackin' shall we?