A life created for change.

Photo: Fluffypoppostcards.com  

Photo: Fluffypoppostcards.com


Sagittarius Sun. Aquarius Moon. Leo Rising.

After applying the principles of astrology to improve my own life, I opened my astro-coaching practice fueled by a five-year background in social services; my experiences as a mom and partner; and a passion to create positive change. A professionally trained astrologer through the My Path Astrology Mentorship Program, I work to help others to claim and create a life they truly want by teaching them how to better tap into their own natural-born gifts.

Some of my featured appearances include Bustle, Essence, xoNecole, PopSugar, Fusion, and Lane Bryant.  I also co-host the astrology podcast Stars On Fire and teach workshops around New York City on love, sex, and astro-compatibility. My book, Astrology For Happiness and Success (Adams Media) is scheduled for release in Fall 2018. 

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