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Having a life filled with love and happiness is your birthright.

My astrology consultations are designed for people with a vision of success and want to make it happen. By infusing astrology with my custom coaching process, we will design your personal plan of action to create a life you truly want based on your natural born gifts.


natal chart readings

$225 per session —For astrology newbies and old heads alike, this reading is perfect for getting the clarity and strategy you need to overcoming a challenging situation and mapping out a plan while getting an in-depth understanding of your birth chart. We'll talk key concerns like love, career, health, and finances. Learn how to marry your cosmic juice to cosmic timing to get the results you want.

birthday readings

$190 per session — When the Sun makes its annual return to the exact place in your chart as when you were born, it's like getting a personal reset button. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly how and where you should focus your energy for your personal new year? Wouldn't be awesome to know what's going to unfold for you and when? Avoid spinning your wheels. Use this reading to create a plan to help you accomplish some of your most important goals.

love And Relationship COaching

Singles: $85 per session — As Venus is the planet in charge of love and wealth--she's our beacon of attraction. So, how do you work with Venus in order to get what you want? The answer is in your birth chart and I'll point you to it. My Venus readings are custom tailored to your needs and perfect if you're interested in bringing in new love, maintaining the love you already have or improving your sense of fulfillment.

Couples: $175 per person — 

choosing The right date or Location

Personal: $125 per session — Considering a move or relocation and want to choose the right place? Hosting an important event and want to choose the right date? In this reading we’ll look at how you can make the right pick based on your birth chart, goals, and the timeline you’re working on.  

parties And Workshops

Private events: $85/hour —  Looking for a fun and memorable way to entertain your guests? Hire me for your bridal or baby shower, birthday party,  anniversary party, and more. I provide guests with short, insightful astrology readings they will enjoy.

Corporate events: $175/hour —  Hosting a fundraiser, product launch, gala, or a company holiday party? How about an art or fashion themed event? I provide guests with mini astrology readings they’ll be sure to love.