Monthly Horoscopes: A Quick Update


I know some folks may be looking for the horoscopes I do for this website each month but between the past two eclipses landing in my zones of health and work and rest and retreat, it seems the universe has had some other plans for me, which included a sinus infection that I am only recently getting over. 

Additionally, I am currently catching up on my one on one clients that have had to be rescheduled as a result of my illness while working on the manuscript for my book, which has a mid-March deadline. If anything, the eclipses that lit up my chart a couple weeks ago have shown me the value of being deliberate about the responsibilities I take on. This means my monthly horoscopes are on hiatus for now.

However, you will still continue to get my daily, weekend, and monthly scopes at Bustle. Thank you all for being such loyal and longtime readers.