October 2018 Horoscopes


With this month’s New Moon in Libra (Oct 8) and Full Moon in Taurus (Oct 24) both answering to love-and-values-oriented Venus, and Venus going retrograde on October 5, we can expect October to be a month of reevaluation. No matter if we’re being called to start something new or let something go, our focus will be on whether it’s worth it. This theme will apply especially to relationships, our sense of self-worth, our personal values, and our relationship to money. Venus retrograde in Scorpio (Oct 5-31) will ask that reevaluate our desires and the power dynamics within our most intimate relationships while Venus re-entering Libra (Oct 31) will ask that we reevaluate the relationships we share with others across the board.

Meanwhile, Scorpio season (Oct 23) will challenge us to dig deep and face our fears, own our shadows, sit with our emotions, and trust our intuition when it comes to connecting to ourselves and connecting with others. Truth, both acknowledging it and speaking it will be also a part of our journey this month, as communicative Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9, followed by a move into Sagittarius on October 31.

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