Black History Month, Astrology, and The #POWER28

POWER28 motivation for black people small.jpg

Recently, I was interviewed by Justin Michael Williams and Motivation For Black People for their #POWER28 series honoring 28 black creatives and innovators making history today.  I had an opportunity to talk with Justin about astrology and how astrology can be used as a tool of empowerment for black people. 

I am deeply honored to be celebrated alongside so many dope people!

You can visit on February 8, 2018 to check out my interview, though I encourage you to check out the other fab interviews. In the meantime, you can also check out this article on Blavity, where Justin discusses how he got the idea for The #POWER28 and what it means. 

Listen To My Podcast...and Win!

Dropping that hot fire on you this week. LOL! So I have a podcast now. I'm talking news, film, and TV via astrology with my co-host @JChiron18. I am so excited about this!

Also, help us name our podcast! The lucky winner will win an astrology reading.

Take a listen: #NameOurPodcast