Devil in a Dress: What Tarot Has Taught Me (So Far)

The Devil card from The Black Cats Tarot Deck

The Devil card from The Black Cats Tarot Deck

A little over a month ago, in a more determined effort to learn Tarot, I registered for the Alternative Tarot Course designed/taught by the delightful and very knowledgeable, Beth Maiden (@littleredtarot). And I don't know if it's because of Beth's very clear and encouraging teaching style or the fact that we share some kinship by way of her Aquarius Sun and my Aquarius Moon (probably a little of each) but I have never been more eager and confident about learning a new subject since when I first got into astrology.

At the beginning of her course, Beth invites students to do a Reader’s Reading which helps students to explore their strengths and challenges with working with the Tarot. In doing one for myself, I pulled the Devil card as the card representing the strengths that I bring to Tarot. Admittedly, I was surprised at this. I freaked out a bit and immediately thought I may have done something wrong as Googling the Devil card did not return many positive hits. What could this mean? I thought frantically. But then as I sat with the card (as Beth advises), I found myself more intrigued than anxious.  Not only was I attracted to the artwork of the Black Cats Tarot card but I started to think about how the Devil has always been considered to be the influence of what does not go with the norm, the counterculture of what’s expected. Then I thought about what it means to be good, normal, etc,. and how I have never really fit into that conventional paradigm. Ever. And it also made me think about how I do bring an element of this unconventionality to my coaching work/readings (Aquarius Moon in the 7th House/Uranus square Mars/Midheaven).

Words and images that also came to me when viewing the card: seductress, Kali Ma (the Hindu Goddess), bad bitch, witch, being in touch/comfortable with the taboo/dark side, divine femininity, pleasure.

Having been a fan of Tarot since I received my first reading back in 2012, I always had an interest in learning to read the cards on my own but only up until recently did I find the courage to do so. This reluctance has been largely in part of me not wanting to, quite bluntly, fuck shit up. I mean, I had already had a handle on astrology but the idea of memorizing and interpreting 78 cards as a form of divination intimidated me. Blame it on the influence of Saturn in my birth chart but I just couldn't bear the thought of making a fool of myself in the face of more experienced Tarot readers, or better yet, I didn't want to risk giving someone bad information. But when it dawned on me that these were the exact thoughts I had before I became a professional astrologer I realized I needed to get over myself and just put in the work. And then I had another realization, that maybe I was experiencing yet another facet of this Devil energy; of how we can be born with this innate power that we're taught to fear/second guess. But that's a dis-empowered form of this energy. And ain't nobody got time for that.

So, in a move to empower myself (and others) further, I will be offering mini Tarot readings alongside my astrology services very soon. Be(a)ware. Be ready.

Venus in Taurus: Pleasure is an Investment

Artwork courtesy of

Artwork courtesy of

Being a Libra North Node* (with Taurus at the Midheaven*),  I am always fascinated (and at times challenged) by all things Venusian. As the planetary ruler of Libra and Taurus, Venus is the guiding light toward anything that brings us pleasure and romance. Through Libra, she's charming, witty, well-dressed, and creative. Through Taurus, she all of these things too but whereas Libra's focus is on the visual and intellectual expression of Venus, Taurus is more concerned about the sensual and material. And as an Earth sign, it's all about substance and quality for The Bull.

As an astrologer and transformation coach, I can't begin to tell you how many people (especially women) that I come across who spend very little time and money on pleasure. Though I can't say that I blame them, as we live in a culture (namely, American culture) that places way too much emphasis on productivity and not nearly enough on relaxation and renewal. Yet study after study has concluded that being overworked and overextended can lead to some very damaging consequences for our health.

Outside of health complications, there's another danger to being too busy. We lose the power of allure. Think about it. When you're in the throes of something pleasurable, a delicious meal, a juicy kiss, a hearty laugh, a good movie--you light up. You become so consumed with the brilliance of that moment that you become pleasant and enjoyable. You become attractive;  a happy magnet. Knowing all of this, why are we still so pleasure deprived?

We're often bereft of pleasure because we've been conditioned to view it as frivolous. I mean, why put so much effort in wasting time when there's so much to do? However, as the Queen of Pleasure, Venus in Taurus asks a little something different of us. She asks that we shift our perception of fun by taking it seriously. This is not about wasting time or resources as much as it is about being smarter about how we spend it. Through Venus in Taurus we discover that when we take the time out to invest in our pleasure what we are doing is investing in ourselves. So, as planet Venus makes her way across this earthy terrain (from UPDATE for 2017: June 6-July 4), here are a few ways to make the most of this time:

Be wise with your money. This is not about being cheap or exorbitant but about a balance. Treat yourself to quality. Save for security.

Get bodywork. Reiki, acupuncture, and massage are just a few ways to rejuvenate and restore your body.

Eat something healthy and delicious. Bonus if you cook it yourself.

Get into your body. Intro to Pole? Qoya? Belly dancing? Adopting sensual movement as exercise can be fun and invigorating.

Take your time. Slow down your eating, breathing, walking to be more present to the moment.

Wear something pretty. A wonderful way to amp up your self-confidence, joy, and personal allure.

Have good sex. Notice the emphasis on "good." The health benefits are proven.

Create something you love. Then show it off!

Only do something if your heart's really in it. Don't settle for anything less.


Suggested reading: Sacred Seduction by Kitty Cavalier

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*North Node/South Node: A component of the birth chart that highlights the purpose of a person's life or karmic path.

*Midheaven: A sensitive point in the birth chart that symbolizes/denotes a person's career path, reputation, or legacy.