Uranus Retrograde In Aries: Rebel Yell

What sets you free, and brought you to me, babe?

--Billy Idol, "Rebel Yell"

Freedom, independence, and unconventionality is so punk rock; so is Uranus in Aries. Anarchy, chaos, and eccentricity, is also punk rock; just like Uranus in Aries.

Uranus, begins its five month retrograde today (July 26-Dec 25), supercharging the planet of independence, originality, and the unexpected. While a retrograde (or backwards motion) of a planet seems to weaken its powers, Uranus--the off-beat member of the bunch, works differently (of course).

While Uranus is retrograde in a bold and impulsive sign like Aries, we can expect an increase of information, insights, and incidents that seemingly pop up out of the blue. This means under this influence we can either experience a shake-up that inspires us or jars us completely loose. And that's the great riddle of a Uranus transit; the gift and the curse. Its lessons can sometimes be the thing(s) that sets us free and shakes us to our core...kind of like a yell or the act of yelling, which can be equally liberating, defiant and terrifying.

Though as I mentioned in my post on the current Venus retrograde , the point of a retrograde is to be more of an observer opposed to taking direct action. With Uranus, a planet of action currently housed in Aries the sign of action, many of us may find it hard to keep our impulses in check over the coming months. Yet, the biggest questions to consider: is whether those impulses are truly the keys to freedom or an empty rebel yell? Is there a way to act on our own impulses and inspirations in a way that not only benefits and empowers us but others as well?

What do you think?