Venus Retrograde: Refunds And Receipts

Flowervases by Martin Klimas

Flowervases by Martin Klimas

Beginning today until September 6th, Venus goes retrograde; first in Virgo, then moving back to Leo. As the planet of love, harmony, beauty, and wealth; Venus helps us to get pleasure out of life. Symbolizing our approach to relationships and what we deem valuable, natal (birth chart) and transit (orbiting/moving) Venus pushes us to find balance, improvement, and security in everything we hold near and dear to our hearts.

However, when a Venus retrograde comes along, our special things (and people) come up for review. Challenges and disagreements in relationships become more apparent, while a job, location, or subject we may have loved doesn't seem so lovable anymore. Finances come up for scrutiny too. If our bank accounts are lacking, Venus retrograde asks us to reassess our worth. Are we settling for less than we deserve? And what about our personal style? Is it time to look the part we want to play? Could our look use a little va-va voom?

In Virgo, Venus retrograde asks us to go over our relationships and budgets with a fine tooth comb; analyzing the results and involving ourselves with only the people/things that improve us. In Leo, Venus retrograde is about valuing our talents, our specialness--and when others don't, having the confidence to walk away.

As with any retrograde period, this is a time to review the areas that Venus symbolizes; not necessarily a time to act on them. This means, that we make note of the challenges that come up, think and discuss resolutions but we don't make actual changes until Venus goes forward or direct. This review or sitting period ensures that we don't make hasty decisions and get the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the seriousness of the situation. This rule also of course applies to beginning new relationships, jobs, etc. we want to be long term or doing anything drastic to our appearance. Wait until Venus is direct.

Though we'll all be affected by Venus retrograde (depending on where she currently is orbiting in your birth chart), those of us who can expect the lessons of this Venus retrograde to hit particularly close to home are:

  • Libra Suns and Ascendants/Risings (Venus is your ruler)
  • Taurus Suns and Ascendants/Risings (Venus is your ruler)
  • Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces (while Venus is in Virgo)
  • Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus (while Venus is in Leo)

And remember, when it comes to retrogrades, don't panic. Think of retrogrades as Cosmic Quality Assurance. The Universe is helping you to make sure your wheels don't fall off when you hit the gas.


    Venus in Virgo: Choosy Lover

    "Virgo" by Sheeba Maya,

    "Virgo" by Sheeba Maya,

    On July 18th, the Moon helped kick off Lady Venus' transit of Virgo, indicating that our emotional fulfillment, well-being, and finances will be best experienced through a discerning and sensible filter. When the planet of love and wealth expresses herself through an Earth sign such as Virgo, quality over quantity becomes the mantra.

    Given that Venus will go retrograde on July 25 (and back into Leo, from July 31-September 6) it seems appropriate that her first stop before heading backwards will be in Virgo. As with Virgo, a Venus retrograde encourages us to go over our relationships and money matters with a discriminating eye, eschewing anything (or anyone) that's more trouble than it's worth.

    Aside from being the zodiac's Editor in Chief, Virgo also teaches us the importance of service to others. During the height of Cancer season, I stressed how vital a self-care practice is to navigating the wear and tear of everyday life.  Though as Leo season approaches; bringing with it Jupiter's move to Virgo, and later followed by Venus, much of the cosmic emphasis will be on extending the support and concern outside of ourselves. Just make sure that your time and resources are being given to a worthy cause.


    Mars In Cancer: Guarding Your Soft Spot

    But fuck what they talkin' about on your timeline
    That's cuttin' all into my time with you
    Fuck what they talkin' about on your timeline
    That's cuttin' all into my time with you

    -Drake, "Jungle"

    Mars is in Cancer from June 24th to August 8th. As a sensitive and emotional sign, this is not an easy place for Mars, the planet of sex and fury to be in. At worst, Mars in Cancer can make us touchy, brooding, and unable to let go of the past. Yet, at it's best Mars in Cancer teaches us the power of loyalty, intimacy, and the importance (emotional satisfaction) of protecting what we love.  Act from your heart.

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    Photo courtesy of

    Venus in Taurus: Pleasure is an Investment

    Artwork courtesy of

    Artwork courtesy of

    Being a Libra North Node* (with Taurus at the Midheaven*),  I am always fascinated (and at times challenged) by all things Venusian. As the planetary ruler of Libra and Taurus, Venus is the guiding light toward anything that brings us pleasure and romance. Through Libra, she's charming, witty, well-dressed, and creative. Through Taurus, she all of these things too but whereas Libra's focus is on the visual and intellectual expression of Venus, Taurus is more concerned about the sensual and material. And as an Earth sign, it's all about substance and quality for The Bull.

    As an astrologer and transformation coach, I can't begin to tell you how many people (especially women) that I come across who spend very little time and money on pleasure. Though I can't say that I blame them, as we live in a culture (namely, American culture) that places way too much emphasis on productivity and not nearly enough on relaxation and renewal. Yet study after study has concluded that being overworked and overextended can lead to some very damaging consequences for our health.

    Outside of health complications, there's another danger to being too busy. We lose the power of allure. Think about it. When you're in the throes of something pleasurable, a delicious meal, a juicy kiss, a hearty laugh, a good movie--you light up. You become so consumed with the brilliance of that moment that you become pleasant and enjoyable. You become attractive;  a happy magnet. Knowing all of this, why are we still so pleasure deprived?

    We're often bereft of pleasure because we've been conditioned to view it as frivolous. I mean, why put so much effort in wasting time when there's so much to do? However, as the Queen of Pleasure, Venus in Taurus asks a little something different of us. She asks that we shift our perception of fun by taking it seriously. This is not about wasting time or resources as much as it is about being smarter about how we spend it. Through Venus in Taurus we discover that when we take the time out to invest in our pleasure what we are doing is investing in ourselves. So, as planet Venus makes her way across this earthy terrain (from UPDATE for 2017: June 6-July 4), here are a few ways to make the most of this time:

    Be wise with your money. This is not about being cheap or exorbitant but about a balance. Treat yourself to quality. Save for security.

    Get bodywork. Reiki, acupuncture, and massage are just a few ways to rejuvenate and restore your body.

    Eat something healthy and delicious. Bonus if you cook it yourself.

    Get into your body. Intro to Pole? Qoya? Belly dancing? Adopting sensual movement as exercise can be fun and invigorating.

    Take your time. Slow down your eating, breathing, walking to be more present to the moment.

    Wear something pretty. A wonderful way to amp up your self-confidence, joy, and personal allure.

    Have good sex. Notice the emphasis on "good." The health benefits are proven.

    Create something you love. Then show it off!

    Only do something if your heart's really in it. Don't settle for anything less.


    Suggested reading: Sacred Seduction by Kitty Cavalier

    book seduce.jpg


    *North Node/South Node: A component of the birth chart that highlights the purpose of a person's life or karmic path.

    *Midheaven: A sensitive point in the birth chart that symbolizes/denotes a person's career path, reputation, or legacy.

    Venus in Pisces: What's Your Potion?

    Venus, our planetary Goddess of love and wealth, makes her way into Pisces today, where she'll eventually sync up with Neptune, then Mars. But not before having a face-off with Saturn in Sagittarius on January 29th. If we've been fooling ourselves in our relationships; playing too many rounds of victim-savior, or mistaking poverty for piety, Saturn will come along to deliver some hard, but necessary, truth. 


    Yet, for those of us who have been erring too far on the side of the cynic, the stoic, the guarded, the critic, the pragmatic-because-it's-safe-side, this deep and dreamy union of Venus, Mars, and Neptune will be a reminder. A planetary potion of sorts to remind us of how it FEELS to be in love, to soul mate, to stand emotionally naked in front of another in our truth. 

      Drink up.