New Moon in Taurus: Hold Your Ground

Stability has never been my forte. Put another way: I have always lived my life in a state of crisis. One reason for this is because it's part of my Chironic story. Having natal Chiron (karmic subconscious wound) in Taurus has meant that one of my biggest challenges in this lifetime has been to overcome insecurity, as Taurus is a sign whose purpose is to experience all the luxury, resources, and self-worth life has to offer. Another reason why instability has been an issue for me is because it's also a part of my family legacy. In my birth chart, Uranus (instability) sits right on top of my 4th House (emotional conditioning, family history), plus I have my Moon (instinct, emotional style, the archetype of one's mother) in unpredictable Aquarius.

In plain terms, this means I grew up in a household with parents whose own childhood wounds resulted in drug addiction and for my mother especially, mental health issues. The result of which often meant eviction threats, utility shut offs (we went years without a phone in the house), second hand clothes, nearly empty refrigerator, and fights over money (mostly the lack of it) my family and I dealt with time and time again; year after year. And because I grew up in scarcity, it became all too easy for me to take on the same bad habits with money my parents had, along with the belief that I would never have enough because, I too, wasn't good enough to deserve it. I had came to believe that scarcity was my birthright. As a result, stability in all of it's Taurus essence --being well-fed, well-paid, well-dressed, well-lived--has always been something that has eluded me (actually, frustrated the fuck out of me); up until now.

Fast forward to today, under this New Moon in Taurus which falls directly on my Midheaven (10th House), a critical point in everyone's birth chart that connects each of us to the promise and manifestation of our personal legacy, and I find the power of this moon, of Taurus season resonating with me more than it ever has in a very long time. Perhaps this also because I've been on a fever hot mission (thank you Mars) to break the cycle of my familial legacy (thank you Saturn) so that I can build (and maintain) a solid foundation for myself and my daughter. Today this New Moon gives me the opportunity to plant the seeds to create this future. Today, this New Moon in Taurus gives us all the opportunity to lay the groundwork to create the kind of life we desire.

This is why for me the biggest question under this moon is not so much about the kind of seeds we're planting but more about what we do when we've planted them; when we've set the intentions, made the prayers, or created the vision board to make our dreams real. What do we do when it seems like it takes forever to make progress or as though we are making no progress at all? Through Taurus, we dig in. We work. We add 1 part determination and 2 parts resilience. We say fuck fear and fuck failure. We treat ourselves kind. We affirm that abundance and pleasure are our birth right. We have patience. We hold our ground.


Why It's Important To Go Beyond Your Sun Sign

If you're the slightest bit interested in astrology and have ever engaged someone in conversation about it you've probably heard one or more of the following: 

"I'm a Taurus, and we're the best!" or "Oh my god, I cannot stand Geminis!" or "You're a Libra? What are they supposed to be about?" or "Well, all I know is that I'm a Pisces." 

Thanks to popular astrology it's safe to assume that nearly everyone is familiar with their Sun sign--BUT--what if I told you that you had a complete birth chart where nine other main cosmic bodies (in more than one sign) work in tandem with your Sun placement, to provide a framework of the the talents you were born with? For example, did you know that you have a Rising sign (public persona), a Moon sign (emotions), a Venus sign (love and wealth), a Mars sign (sex drive and aggression), and even a Mercury sign (thought process and communication style) that all come together in your chart to help you to express your uniqueness?

If you were to look at my chart, you would see that in addition to my Sagittarius Sun I also have my Mars in Leo and my Mercury in Capricorn. In loose terms this means I act like a star and think like a businesswoman ( ha! I smell a book deal!). Or how about my Aries sun daughter with a Mars in Taurus which makes her shall we say, EXTRA persistent when it comes to getting what she wants. (I'm almost certain this kid works for the Mafia. Ha! Kidding. Sort of.)

sample birth chart.

Anyway, as per the birth chart; quite simply it's a snapshot of the sky at the exact time and place you were born. At that time the stars, planets, and asteroids were transiting through at least 5 different zodiac signs creating your special astro-blend. Each of those planets then "fall" in different areas of your chart known as Houses. These houses (one for each zodiac sign) correspond to different areas of your life; the sign that rules each house will show how those areas or houses are maintained.

This is why when we focus solely on our Sun signs or keep ourselves closed off from other signs, we run the risk of severely limiting our awareness of ourselves and others. 

At its core, astrology helps us to recognize the human being as a complete, multidimensional entity; to understand humanness in all of its complexity, contradiction, and beauty.  When we allow room for complexity, we allow each other room to be who we are.

So, who are you?

Listen to this while you think it over: