Aquarius Season: Get Free Already!

Being an Aquarius Moon, I love Aquarius season (Jan. 20-Feb.18). It’s a time that reminds us of who we are sans borders; of the person we were before we became bound to the status and responsibility of relationships, parenthood, school, career, economic class, etc.

If Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is all about rules, regulations, tedium, and work; Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) is all about freedom, liberty, and the way of doing what we damn well please, how we please.

During Capricorn season we became hyper aware of our obligations and our ambitions. We busied ourselves with budgets and to-do lists; with school books and vision boards, all in the name of productivity. Through all of this planning and labor we found that we summoned the self-discipline needed to buckle-in and get things accomplished. However, we may have also found that while we were overly concerned with accomplishment we became overwhelmed and anxious as the deadlines loomed. Much to our chagrin, we discovered that there are only but so many hours in a day. As a result, maybe we find that we secretly (or not so secretly) resent our loved ones or our present circumstances because they seem to weigh us down with a heavy sense of duty.

Aquarius comes along to provide us with a space for something different; to pull us up out of any ruts that we may find ourselves in. This rebel child shows us that it’s okay to carve out a place in our lives that’s all our own and no one else’s. Aquarius shows us that we need not feel guilty or wrong about having a little personal freedom. Without confusing freedom for recklessness or the inability to compromise (downfalls for Uranus-influenced folks), Aquarius season is about letting go—whether it be on a Yoga mat, on a dance floor, in an art studio, at Karaoke night…the point is to give yourself a break and be wild for a minute. 

Where in your life can you shake it up and live it up? Can you allow yourself to color outside the lines for a little bit? Now is not the time for routine. We can always get back to that later.