Venus In Taurus: Let Love Linger

Planet Venus moved into her earthy home sign of Taurus where she will stay until May 9th. Since Venus is responsible for attracting and keeping sacred all that we love and hold dear, we may find that the key to happiness for the moment lies in our ability to slow down, spend time in our bodies (as opposed to solely in our heads), and be present to our senses—present to the here and now. If the spark and hustle of Aries kept us up and at 'em; jumping at every new opportunity that presented itself then the energy of Taurus calls us to chill and get focused. Venus in Taurus wants us to be fine and secure.

In addition to physical well-being, financial health also factors into Taurus' predilection for material security and at this time we may also find that activities or initiatives begun under this transit carry an energy of self-preservation. We aim to maintain and increase what we have (here on my end, I've made a date to see an insurance agent.) Financial and relationship issues highlighted now can be remedied by getting clear about what we truly want and putting a plan in place to get it. After all, Taurus is an earth sign and earth reaches its goals by way of a methodical approach--unlike the shoot first, ask later approach of fire sign Aries.

As Venus is also connected to self-esteem, we are asked to let go of the self-worth saboteurs that have kept us from fulfilling our hearts' desires. For some of us, love (as well as money) seems fleeting; like we never have enough of it—in quantity or quality. Venus in Taurus asks: what is true security? How do we get what we want and make it last? For starters, we may have to change—a concept that Taurus, being a Fixed sign, isn’t so willing to do. However, what Taurus WILL DO is work--and many of us know that if we want something badly enough that we must put in the effort it takes to obtain it. Are we willing to shift our perspective, change our habits, and incorporate a few new tools to get that something we’ve been thirsting for? Let the thought linger for a sec.

This song "Luxurious" by Gwen Stefani totally speaks to me (and this transit):


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Careful planning + intention = Success.

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Saturn Retrograde In Scorpio: Clean House or Die

Saturn begins its five month retrograde in Scorpio today and finishes up on July 8th. Retrograde periods always signify a time to review what we've done so far. With Saturn it's a period of checks and balances. What have we accomplished? What remains on the to-do list? Since we're talking Scorpio, Saturn wants us to get to those items on our list that we've  been putting off forever because we've been too busy bullshitting. Is it fear that holds us back? Complacency? The negative people that we just can't seem to let go?

Now is the time to take stock of whatever or whomever it is that may be keeping us from claiming our empires, our glory. It's time for spring cleaning. Saturn asks us to get those dust bunnies from under the bed and the cobwebs in the corner...those places where we don't always like to look (emotional baggage, anyone?). To make things interesting, the Universe has five heavenly bodies in Pisces over the next month which includes Mercury's retrograde  that will make it seem like we're literally trying to run track through a swimming pool.

However, the key to taking our next big step forward lies in our ability to tend to those unseen parts of ourselves (another watery reference!); those tender parts of us, those SOULFUL parts In There. In There is where intuition, creativity, and security abide. Getting comfortable In There is how we learn to make the most of what's Out Here. Saturn knows that building an empire, a fortress (read: material security), requires a strong foundation--built from the inside out. 

How will we fortify ourselves so that we can carry on to the level ? What part of us can use a little restructuring? 

Clean house and keep only what you need.

Venus In Capricorn: Getting Your Due

For those of us whom consistently find ourselves in the "everything is perfect save for one or two fatal flaws" type of relationship with a partner, career, or financial issue--Venus in Capricorn asks us to get real. Associated with the very tangible element of earth and the very practical, no-nonsense energy of planet Saturn, Capricorn is all about the realistic approach towards getting what we want. Capricorn asks "Is it realistic? Is it valuable?" Since Venus is the planet associated with money, values, and love; in Capricorn she asks from us an honest appraisal--am I getting my due?

Maybe we find ourselves in a job where we are being underpaid and undervalued; maybe in our effort to keep up with appearances we are living well outside of our means; or maybe, like so many, we find ourselves in a relationship where our most basic needs (trust, respect, reciprocation) are not being met. What do we do? Again, Venus in Capricorn asks us to get real. How? Perhaps we finally learn how to ask for what we deserve; perhaps we learn the necessity of moderation; or better yet, perhaps we learn not to settle for less. This earthy lady knows how to hold out for what she’s worth.

What is our vision for our romantic and financial life? Maybe we have become really good at knowing what it is we don't want out of life, but what is it that we do want? To what are we giving our attention? Venus will be in Capricorn from now until February 2, 2013. Getting clear about what we wish to accomplish over the next 11 months takes special precedence now while we are still riding the high that comes when starting fresh. How will we attract the love and abundance that we not only need but also deserve? The answer is right in front of us, babies. So let’s get to work.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Talk Your Sh*t

When deciding on a title for this post, I thought "what would a Sagittarius say?" Since Mercury is the planet of communication--speech, thought, writing, etc. and will be transiting the sign of The Centaur (you know, that half human, half beast thingy) from December 10th until December 31st (Updated for 2015: Nov 20th-Dec 9th), I was trying to figure out the best phrase to capture Mercury in Sagittarius. I mean, I could've been all Mercury in Capricorn like and found a nice but professional way to describe the overview of this transit--something along the lines of "Mercury in Sagittarius: Speak Your Truth" or "Mercury in Sagittarius: Honesty is the Best Policy" or some jazz like that. However, since I am a Sagittarius and I know first hand how we Sagittarians have a knack for the bawdy, brainy, and blunt I simply came up with "Mercury in Sagittarius: Talk Your Shit" (thank you, Jay-Z--he's also a Sag in case you didn't know).

Now I know that to some, such a phrase implies the opportunity to come across one too many people telling us a bunch of stuff they may or may not be able to completely back up (and vice versa). In some cases this is a true and terrible pitfall for Sag as in our hearts we can have the best of intentions and ideas but can be prone to exaggerating the details or promising things that we may have trouble delivering on later. Still, the good news about Mercury being in Sagittarius is that communication will become a little easier--more lighthearted, straightforward and even inspirational. This can be a welcome change after having Mercury in the murky waters of Scorpio for the past few weeks (covert ops, anyone? LOL. just kidding. seriously, though).

One other thing to note is that because Sagittarius is the sign most associated with expansion and exploration, the next few weeks will be a prime opportunity for thinking big and getting those thoughts out to the masses. Just make sure to practice what you preach--give your words substance; try not to steamroll anyone and--oh, don't let anyone dump on your vision. Ever.

Venus In Scorpio: Jonesin' for a Fix

"I've got you under my skin
I've got you deep in the heart of me
So deep in my heart that you're really a part of me
I've got you under my skin"
--Frank Sinatra, "I've Got You Under My Skin"

Venus has been sashaying her way through Scorpio since November 21st where she will stay until December 15th. When you pair her with the primal power of The Scorpion everything in love and money takes on a sense of insatiable urgency. We've just got to have it and have it we will (and then some). The energy this transit can bring kind of reminds me of this old Frank Sinatra song, which I love. Oh, the lyrics, the lyrics...

Mars In Capricorn: Working the Earth

"Sure they'll work over-time. Matter of fact they'll work all night if that's what it takes."
 -Kim Rogers-Gallagher on Mars in Capricorn; Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain

Since Mars, the planet of sex and ambition, is in Capricorn from now (actually November 16th)  until December 25th I thought that the quote above along with this video from Tyrese--a Capricorn--would be apropos. Ha!

Mars in Capricorn will be providing us the support we need to get the job done (whatever project that may be)--start to finish. Just make sure to leave a little room for fun.*winkity-wink*

Venus in Virgo: Get It Right

Venus in Virgo loves to get it right. Picky and demanding? Sure. But Venus in Virgo's power of discrimination only ensures that she gets the best out of life; whether that be in love, physical comfort, or whatever else the lady desires. While Venus is currently transiting Virgo (10/2-10/28), we will find that wherever the sign of The Virgin is housed in our charts, that side of our life will be up for scrutiny by our internal value system (that's Venus!). As it always goes with the planets, if it's broken either fix it (if it's worth it) or let it go entirely. The key with Virgo though is to not get so caught up on criticism/analysis that we over analyze ourselves into a dark, lonely corner. Let constructive criticism/resolution be our beacon. 

Due to this transit, Venus has temporarily set up camp in my first house (the part of me that the world sees) and while I've been getting compliments from strangers and friends alike, I can't help but to wonder if my hair, skin, clothing, etc. is in dire need of a makeover. Well, maybe a little one. Probably. For sure. Ugh. Whatevs.


Based on a short story by Mary Gaitskill, Secretary is one of my favorite films of all time. In the film, James Spader plays the neurotically demanding lawyer, Mr. Grey, that develops an S&M fueled love affair with his secretary, Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal). It's a classy little film full of dark comedy, romance, and just plain insanity. Can you tell why I love it? LOL! Below, I chose a famous clip from the film as if I had to--I would say that Mr. Grey has a natal Venus in Virgo (perhaps in aspect to Mars/Uranus?). Ha!

Cosmic Update: What's Goin' On?

It's been a little while since I last updated you all on key planetary transits and what they mean for us. You can get all the nitty, gritty below. Of course, this is just a general overview of what to expect. For deeper insight on how these transits specifically affect you, speak with an astrologer (That's me!).

 7/3/12-8/23/12: Mars In Libra 

You ever hear the saying "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"? Well, this great piece of wisdom certainly comes to mind when I think of the planet of aggression (and ruler of Aries) plowing his way through the sign of relationship and diplomacy. Except, since this is Libra we're talking about, Aries' opposing sign, we can almost guarantee that Mars won't be doing any plowing through here...maybe a nice jaunt? This is the time where if we want to get our way, we're going to have to use a little charm and finesse to get it. I mean, that really is the most REASONABLE way to do it, isn't it?

7/13/12-12/13/12: Uranus Retrograde in Aries 

Uranus. Ruler of Aquarius and known to be in charge of all things rebellious, unexpected, wacky, and experimental (science and technology fall under this umbrella too) has been transiting the sign of war and "me, me, me!" since 2011 causing all sorts of upsets (remember Arab Spring?) around the globe. Now as with any retrograding planet, The Universe offers us a second opportunity of sorts to master the area of life that said planet is touching. For many of us, wherever Uranus is passing through in our charts--it usually marks a time of immediate change. Harnessing Uranian energy, especially while in the sign of Aries, means that wherever in our lives we need a dose of freedom, we go there BOLDLY--without guilt or fear of judgement. By the time Uranus moves direct, the norm as we know it will be oh so passé.

 7/14/12-8/7/12: Mercury Retrograde in Leo 

 What do you get when you mix the planet of communication with the fiery starpower of Leo? BIG talk and even bigger ideas. Mercury transiting Leo is a time when it's okay to toot your own horn as The Lion brings out the showstopper in us all. However, during this retrograde period the focus is going to be less about dazzling the crowd and more about creating thoughts and words of substance--something we can stand confidently behind with pride. In my experience, Mercury retrogrades are notorious for miscommunications. Emails and snail mail get lost, electronics go "boom!", typos run rampant, and things that we thought or said with certainty lose their conviction once the retrograde period is over. This is the time to make sure whatever info we are sending out is as clear and thorough as possible. We can get back to stuntin' later.

Now until 10/5/12: Saturn Finishes Its Tour of Libra 

Lordy, Lordy. Where do I start? At the risk of echoing what's already been said by others about this transit (which has been in effect since October 2009), let me just say that for many of us having the planet of responsibility, limitation, and reality transit through the sign of partnerships has been a critical lesson in the amount of care, committment, and courage needed to maintain the relationships that mean the most to us. Through this transit many of us saw (or experienced) relationships restructured, renewed, or falter altogether. For example, my Libra sun brother is marrying his longtime girlfriend while a good friend of mine with a Capricorn rising (Libra tensely aspects Cap) saw her marriage fall apart after just one year. And those are just two examples. As Saturn rules Capricorn--and Capricorn is all about building and capitalizing on hard work done, in Libra our Saturn lesson has been discovering that REAL (a Saturn keyword) relationships require a solid FOUNDATION (another keyword!) on which to thrive. We are learining that it takes more than sexual chemistry, a few common interests, or even the fear of being alone to make a relationship WORK (keyword!). For some of us this has meant a shift in our values and in some cases, our resources. When Saturn makes its move into Scorpio in mid-October, we will get the opportunity to further strengthen the connections that have survived Saturn in Libra...or bury them entirely.