Venus and Mars in Aries: Love is (kinda, sorta) A Battlefield

Gutsy. Independent. Ferocious. Passionate...and ever, ever so sexy. These are just a few terms to describe the mighty Aries prowess. So, what happens when two of the most cosmically famous lovers meet up in this powerful sign?  


That's right, babies. Having Venus and Mars coupled up in a steamy, go-getting sign like Aries means no ordinary love will do...nor will shy love. Here in this sign, Venus does not play coy, nor does she play anyone's shrinking violet. In Aries, Venus stands apart from the crowd, goes after who or what she wants and takes no prisoners. So will Mars. At home in Aries, he'll go the distance for the object of his affection. He'll woo you, win you, and wear you out (wink.) What else would you expect of a champion?

While these two heavyweights get together for a raunchy, yet rare rendezvous from February 20-22, expect love to hit a fever pitch. This could mean interesting happenings in a new romance, an existing romance, or a creative or financial situation. Where Aries falls in your chart will give you clues on how things will unfold, especially if you have any planets or angles in the very early degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, or Aries. If anything, having Aries on your side can mean the courage to take care of yourself or to do what's necessary to take charge of your life. Wimping out is not an option.


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