Pluto in Capricorn Goes Direct: Out of the Mud

Pluto in Capricorn comes out of retrograde today! After five months--finally! This is important as Pluto means power and Capricorn means structure and long term reward. If there’s a place in your life where you’ve been feeling powerless, unstable, stuck--Pluto direct gets the momentum going again so you can get out of that place. The stuck places unstick, unstuck, free. Thank God/Goddess.


Here are some of the areas where each sign can expect to feel this new energy :

Aries:  Career, Authority, Reputation

Taurus:  Perspective, Faith, Education

Gemini: Finances, Sex, Rebirth

Cancer:  Marriage, Partnership, 1 on 1 Relationships

Leo:  Health, Routine, Work

Virgo:  Love, Creativity, Birth/Children

Libra:  Family, Home, Letting Go of the Past

Scorpio:  Thought, Communication, Neighborhood/Siblings

Sagittarius:  Values, Self-esteem, Income

Capricorn:  Attitude, Appearance, Personal Magnetism

Aquarius:  Dreams, Intuition, Spirit

Pisces:  Friendship, Social Aquaintances, Aspirations