Gemini Season: Busy, Busy


Gemini season is in full swing. After what seemed like a relatively quiet winter/spring, June is gearing up to be one busy month. Since Gemini is the great Networker/Communicator/Media Personality, this is the time when we can usually expect our calendars to be jam packed with parties, events, launches, meetings, calls, webinars, workshops, and just about anything else that gathers and connects people together.

My schedule is nearly full. And as a Sagittarius sun/Aquarius Moon--I thrive on the busyness that Gemini provides. However, one thing I must be careful of is overcommitting myself. Overcommitting can be a problem (especially for Gemini) because too many obligations/interests can lead to flakiness. And bailing out at a time when others are counting on you is never a good look for all involved. So, stay busy friends, but know when to say when.