Venus in Aries: Tough Love

When Venus first moved into tough-as-nails Aries on May 3rd, I wanted to write something about the call to fiery, passionate love--the kind of love we throw ourselves into with wild, reckless abandon--and for some of us this love is still relevant, still ripe for the taking but as it is, there are those of us who may be in the throes of "tough love." 

Tough love is complicated love. It's shaky ground, uncertain if this is for real love. It's walking the tricky path of where My Needs and Your Needs intersect love and trying to find a way on how to merge the two. Tough love is failing miserably at love and trying to work up the courage to try again. Tough love is getting down to the nitty-gritty, stripped down to the tacks, sober love. Tough love takes heart.

The world is full of people. Some of whom we meet, we fall for, put ourselves out on a limb for, and make an attempt to stand with them, courageously, in love. Sometimes this is tough. Sometimes, we are called to be tough; to either dig in and fight for love, or to concede in love and tap ourselves out. This is are some themes we'll contend with during this Venus transit (until May 29th), which comes on the heels of two Venus-infused, game changing eclipses (Libra, Taurus). And regardless of which choices we ultimately make, we'll be called to do it with heart.