Full Moon in Scorpio: Roll, Roll, Rolling in the Deep


Scorpio wants to annihilate you. 

Well, not YOU per se but rather the you that you think you are…in fact, who are YOU, really? Scorpio wants to get the bottom of it—into the deep, dark parts of you where you hold onto stuff; like fears and feelings and ambitions and...OBSESSIONS. 

Scorpio wants your secrets, it’s OK, bare your soul. Show Scorpio where you’ve been hiding. No? Well you have got to come out sooner or later. Yes, you. The REAL you--the shrewd, fearless, passionate, dirty, sexy you. Scorpio wants the unrelenting you--the you that wants what it wants and won't stop to get it. Have you your strategy? Scorpio can help with that. It will stay up into the wee hours to plot with you on how to decimate the competition. Scorpio wants to break the weak links--it wants to rid you of the habits, the people, the situations you seemingly thought you needed, but don't. Yes, Scorpio WILL shift the landscape. You WILL be transformed. You're not afraid...are you?


The Full Moon in Scorpio (May 14th) asks us to face our fears and to eliminate outmoded energy in our lives that holds us back. At the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus (back on April 29th), we were called to set intentions to create something new, to put something in motion that will progress and stabilize us. Now, this moon asks that we bring these intentions to completion and to step fully into the next phase.

This Full Moon comes tied to Saturn in Scorpio, which suggests the need for structure and permanence, which echoes the message of the Taurus eclipse. At the same time, Venus, the planet of love and money, will be synced up with Uranus in Aries and in a tough tie with Pluto in Capricorn, calling us to take an unflinchingly honest appraisal of our relationships with money and power. Since Scorpio is involved, we'll be ask to completely transform our approach to both.