Charting Astrology: What You Need to Know Right Now About the State of Things

Recently, I was asked to guest blog for Below is an excerpt:

When I first began to seriously study astrology five years ago, I was moved to do so because I was standing at a precipice of sorts. I had fallen hard for a very charismatic (yet toxic for me) Scorpio and I desperately needed out. I came to astrology seeking answers that neither my friends, nor advice columns, nor said Scorpio could provide. Full of heartbreak, I think my biggest question at the time was "Why did this have to happen to ME?" Surprisingly, astrology provided me with those answers and‪,‬ in addition, gave me something more—a sense of empowerment. Gone were the days of yore that yielded a rather bleak and fatalistic practice of astrology‪.‬ Through today‪'‬s more contemporary astrology, I discovered that I was not a victim of fate but rather that I was its co-creator‪.‬
Right now, we're in May, standing at what feels like to many‪-‬a‪-‬precipice. Last month alone brought us two eclipses and a Grand Cardinal Cross, which incorporated the most recent Uranus-Pluto square. Astrology blogs, articles, conferences, and conversations have all been abuzz about the great cosmic shift taking place amongst the human collective that began back in 2012. Given the current planetary weather‪,‬ along with feedback that I have received from clients and the take‪-‬away from my own personal experiences, it's fair to say that this shift has most certainly been jarring. But all is not lost. Or rather, all is not lost except what needs to be‪.‬ 

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