Venus in Pisces: Bewitched


Happy Venus in Pisces! (April 5-May 2) Creativity, fantasy, and allure abound while the planet of love makes her stop here. Will we be awash in true love or a thinly veiled guise of it? Keep intuition at the ready.

To celebrate, here's an excerpt from my Love, Sex, and Astrology guide describing Pisces Venus natives...

"Venus in Pisces:

This attributes of this Venus may very well be what mermaids are made of...and she pulls her bedmates in like one too. She's bewitching, enchanting--built with a compassionate nature and an uncanny sixth sense. She gets off on creating tailor made romantic liaisons that blur the lines of time and space. Easily addictive. Boys with this Venus placement are drawn to Piscean-like women who'll bring them a higher love."