Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Blood and Bone

October 23rd brings a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, our last eclipse of 2014. As such, the Universe delivers us just what we need: a chance to purge the psychic garbage we've accumulated over the year so that we may step into a new one, fresh and clean. 


Solar Eclipses herald beginnings and through Scorpio we begin the next chapter of our lives by releasing what no longer feeds us, the stagnant, the weak pieces. As Scorpio is a sign fixated on security, we strip down to necessity--no BS. We only devote our full attention to that which touches us to the very core and keeps our hearts beating. If what you hold doesn't move your soul, let it go; keep moving.

Below are the areas where each sign will feel an urgent need to purge, renew, or transform.

Aries: Intimacy, Finances, Emotional Health

Taurus:  Partnerships, Marriage, 1 on 1 Relationships

Gemini: Health, Daily Routine, Work/Life Balance

Cancer: Romance, Creative Projects, Relationships with Children

Leo: Family Life, Dealings with the Past/Parents, Home/Real Estate

Virgo: Communication, Thought, Dealings with Neighbors/Siblings

Libra: Values, Self-esteem, Income

Scorpio:  Attitude, Appearance, Personal Magnetism

Sagittarius:  Dreams, Faith, Sanctuary 

Capricorn: Friendships, Aspirations, Affiliations

Aquarius: Career, Expertise, Reputation 

Pisces:  Travel, Education, Worldview/Perception