Sagittarius Season: Shake Off Your Slumber

The sun moved into fiery Sagittarius on November 22nd, giving us just the right amount of snap, crackle, and pop we need to kick off the holidays. The intensity of Scorpio season may have had some of us feeling unusually tired or emotionally spent over the last month but fun loving Sag asks that we take time out to fill our spirits with some cheer. Big, hearty laughs and spontaneity are what the doctor ordered so here's a few tips below on how to get the most out of the Season of the Centaur. This is your month to lighten up.

Things to do now:
♐️ Sagittarius loves a party so rally up a few friends and get your karaoke-dance-game-holiday-special occasion celebration on.

♐️ Travel (especially to somewhere you've never been). Sagittarius is the sign that rules travel/ expansion. Feed your brain/spirit with a vacay.

♐️ Take a class/teach a class. Education is a big deal to Sag because what we learn and share with others, opens up a world of opportunity.

♐️ Honor your truth. Sagittarius never skimps on truth or freedom. So, be direct, follow your heart, and don't take no for an answer.

♐️ Do something new. Sagittarius knows boredom is a sure fire way to kill the soul so get out and get free ( for tips see above).

Sagittarius season ends December 21st.

*photo courtesy of Carolina Espinosa