Mercury in Gemini: Two Sides of the Same Story

When I think about Gemini in the context of the human collective, I see Gemini as a representative of all of of our human contradiction; those parts of us that show up saying one thing yet doing something totally different simply because we can. To Gemini, the world is just too big. There are too many options; too many interests and tastes to tie itself to only one.  As a matter of fact, Gemini asks why should we have only one? Forty is just as good, if not better. In fact, in the area of my chart where Gemini sits, I am reminded of how this energy shows up in my daily life through the diversity of the people I attract and find myself attracted to, people who in their own right are diversified, multifaceted beings coming from various walks of life, cultures, and schools of thought. Also, it's no surprise, given Gemini's rulership by Mercury (the communication planet) that many of these people are writers, journalists, filmmakers, radio and television personalities, public relations specialists, event planners, etc. These are the people who make a living on connecting us to the many different pieces of our world.


Photo courtesy of New Image Art. "Twin" by HUSH

As an air sign, its Gemini's job to serve as a conduit, a connector of people and information. Gemini grabs what's out there and then brings it home to share. However, the caveat for Gem is when it becomes too scattered or superficial to commit to something that lasts--after all this isn't Taurus we're discussing. Mercury's pass through its home sign of Gemini is going to work to bring this message of curiosity and contradiction home to us. Where Gemini sits in your own chart is the place to look for cues and clues. Mercury is going to present you with fresh options and opportunities to grow beyond what you know, but with tension coming from Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn (and perhaps configurations in your own chart) we'll be asked to base our choices on depth of perception for a shot at something with real long term reward. This time, who AND what you know will matter.