Venus In Taurus: Let Love Linger

Planet Venus moved into her earthy home sign of Taurus where she will stay until May 9th. Since Venus is responsible for attracting and keeping sacred all that we love and hold dear, we may find that the key to happiness for the moment lies in our ability to slow down, spend time in our bodies (as opposed to solely in our heads), and be present to our senses—present to the here and now. If the spark and hustle of Aries kept us up and at 'em; jumping at every new opportunity that presented itself then the energy of Taurus calls us to chill and get focused. Venus in Taurus wants us to be fine and secure.

In addition to physical well-being, financial health also factors into Taurus' predilection for material security and at this time we may also find that activities or initiatives begun under this transit carry an energy of self-preservation. We aim to maintain and increase what we have (here on my end, I've made a date to see an insurance agent.) Financial and relationship issues highlighted now can be remedied by getting clear about what we truly want and putting a plan in place to get it. After all, Taurus is an earth sign and earth reaches its goals by way of a methodical approach--unlike the shoot first, ask later approach of fire sign Aries.

As Venus is also connected to self-esteem, we are asked to let go of the self-worth saboteurs that have kept us from fulfilling our hearts' desires. For some of us, love (as well as money) seems fleeting; like we never have enough of it—in quantity or quality. Venus in Taurus asks: what is true security? How do we get what we want and make it last? For starters, we may have to change—a concept that Taurus, being a Fixed sign, isn’t so willing to do. However, what Taurus WILL DO is work--and many of us know that if we want something badly enough that we must put in the effort it takes to obtain it. Are we willing to shift our perspective, change our habits, and incorporate a few new tools to get that something we’ve been thirsting for? Let the thought linger for a sec.

This song "Luxurious" by Gwen Stefani totally speaks to me (and this transit):


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Careful planning + intention = Success.

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