New Moon in Pisces: Feeding Spirit

Happy New Moon in Pisces!

As it goes in astrology, New Moons are an auspicious occasion for setting intentions to manifest something wonderful. With today's New Moon occurring in the dreamy, watery energy of Pisces,  we can produce the best results by focusing our desires on creating a space for more creativity and spiritual centeredness in our everyday lives. As many of us have witnessed or experienced firsthand, there is much pain and suffering in the world. However, the truth of Pisces is that while things sometimes fall apart around us, many times beyond our control, we preserve and buoy ourselves through a trust and embodiment of all that is still good (faith + intuition +compassion+ unabashed creativity). In Pisces, we go with the flow instead of resisting or control freaking. Here, we take simplicity as our mantra and indulge in anything that nourishes the soul.

While we still have so many planets in water signs (plus Mercury Retrograde) many of us may be feeling sluggish or overwhelmed. Much of this may be a side effect of trying to do too much during a time (Pisces Season) when we should be unplugging, resting, and replenishing. This is a perfect time to seek out the healers, those gifted with the powers to calm and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. Aries season will be upon us soon and with the fiery energy that the time of The Warrior will bring, we will need all the strength we have to keep up with our daily demands. Consider this New Moon a special gift from the Universe to (finally) take care of the tender parts of you and act on inspiration. Then watch what magic unfolds for you over the next six months.

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