Aries Season: Ball So Hard

Lots happening in the Cosmos this week. On March 20th the Sun moves into Aries (joining Mars) to officially kick off Aries season (March 20-April 19) Over here in the Northern Hemisphere, Aries season coincides with the vernal equinox and who better to usher in the fresh, excitable energy of spring than this fiery sign? Many of us will likely be looking forward to this bubble-pop-electric kind of time after being submerged in the hazy and emotional energy of Pisces over the last month.

With the Sun, Mars, and Uranus (joined eventually by Venus and Mercury) all synching up in the sign represented by The Warrior (i.e. Mars), spring fever will hit fast and fierce. The best way to channel this power will be to begin new projects or activities that may have been put on the back burner over the winter.  If a lack of confidence has been getting in your way, this Martian energy could help you adopt a take no prisoners attitude. Just make sure to watch out for flaring tempers. Aries energy tends to get us all a little keyed up (Hulk Smash Mode, actually). Take any pent up energy to a high impact fitness class. Your body and soul will thank you for it.

Adding to the cray cray will be the full moon in Libra on March 27th. Full Moons tend to represent endings and with this moon making tense aspects to Mars, Pluto and Uranus (this would be akin to the OPPOSITE of a peace if planets talked...but you get the idea) many of us can expect abrupt shifts in finances or partnerships (the areas ruled by Libra/Venus) that can send us into a tailspin. The key to keeping our wits and our cool will be to remember that whatever the Universe takes away, it returns to us twofold ( in a bigger and better model). Don't be afraid to embrace change, babies. Aries energy is all about embodying courage. So just get out and do it (responsibly, of course).