Saturn Retrograde In Scorpio: Clean House or Die

Saturn begins its five month retrograde in Scorpio today and finishes up on July 8th. Retrograde periods always signify a time to review what we've done so far. With Saturn it's a period of checks and balances. What have we accomplished? What remains on the to-do list? Since we're talking Scorpio, Saturn wants us to get to those items on our list that we've  been putting off forever because we've been too busy bullshitting. Is it fear that holds us back? Complacency? The negative people that we just can't seem to let go?

Now is the time to take stock of whatever or whomever it is that may be keeping us from claiming our empires, our glory. It's time for spring cleaning. Saturn asks us to get those dust bunnies from under the bed and the cobwebs in the corner...those places where we don't always like to look (emotional baggage, anyone?). To make things interesting, the Universe has five heavenly bodies in Pisces over the next month which includes Mercury's retrograde  that will make it seem like we're literally trying to run track through a swimming pool.

However, the key to taking our next big step forward lies in our ability to tend to those unseen parts of ourselves (another watery reference!); those tender parts of us, those SOULFUL parts In There. In There is where intuition, creativity, and security abide. Getting comfortable In There is how we learn to make the most of what's Out Here. Saturn knows that building an empire, a fortress (read: material security), requires a strong foundation--built from the inside out. 

How will we fortify ourselves so that we can carry on to the level ? What part of us can use a little restructuring? 

Clean house and keep only what you need.