Venus In Capricorn: Getting Your Due

For those of us whom consistently find ourselves in the "everything is perfect save for one or two fatal flaws" type of relationship with a partner, career, or financial issue--Venus in Capricorn asks us to get real. Associated with the very tangible element of earth and the very practical, no-nonsense energy of planet Saturn, Capricorn is all about the realistic approach towards getting what we want. Capricorn asks "Is it realistic? Is it valuable?" Since Venus is the planet associated with money, values, and love; in Capricorn she asks from us an honest appraisal--am I getting my due?

Maybe we find ourselves in a job where we are being underpaid and undervalued; maybe in our effort to keep up with appearances we are living well outside of our means; or maybe, like so many, we find ourselves in a relationship where our most basic needs (trust, respect, reciprocation) are not being met. What do we do? Again, Venus in Capricorn asks us to get real. How? Perhaps we finally learn how to ask for what we deserve; perhaps we learn the necessity of moderation; or better yet, perhaps we learn not to settle for less. This earthy lady knows how to hold out for what she’s worth.

What is our vision for our romantic and financial life? Maybe we have become really good at knowing what it is we don't want out of life, but what is it that we do want? To what are we giving our attention? Venus will be in Capricorn from now until February 2, 2013. Getting clear about what we wish to accomplish over the next 11 months takes special precedence now while we are still riding the high that comes when starting fresh. How will we attract the love and abundance that we not only need but also deserve? The answer is right in front of us, babies. So let’s get to work.