Mercury in Sagittarius: Talk Your Sh*t

When deciding on a title for this post, I thought "what would a Sagittarius say?" Since Mercury is the planet of communication--speech, thought, writing, etc. and will be transiting the sign of The Centaur (you know, that half human, half beast thingy) from December 10th until December 31st (Updated for 2015: Nov 20th-Dec 9th), I was trying to figure out the best phrase to capture Mercury in Sagittarius. I mean, I could've been all Mercury in Capricorn like and found a nice but professional way to describe the overview of this transit--something along the lines of "Mercury in Sagittarius: Speak Your Truth" or "Mercury in Sagittarius: Honesty is the Best Policy" or some jazz like that. However, since I am a Sagittarius and I know first hand how we Sagittarians have a knack for the bawdy, brainy, and blunt I simply came up with "Mercury in Sagittarius: Talk Your Shit" (thank you, Jay-Z--he's also a Sag in case you didn't know).

Now I know that to some, such a phrase implies the opportunity to come across one too many people telling us a bunch of stuff they may or may not be able to completely back up (and vice versa). In some cases this is a true and terrible pitfall for Sag as in our hearts we can have the best of intentions and ideas but can be prone to exaggerating the details or promising things that we may have trouble delivering on later. Still, the good news about Mercury being in Sagittarius is that communication will become a little easier--more lighthearted, straightforward and even inspirational. This can be a welcome change after having Mercury in the murky waters of Scorpio for the past few weeks (covert ops, anyone? LOL. just kidding. seriously, though).

One other thing to note is that because Sagittarius is the sign most associated with expansion and exploration, the next few weeks will be a prime opportunity for thinking big and getting those thoughts out to the masses. Just make sure to practice what you preach--give your words substance; try not to steamroll anyone and--oh, don't let anyone dump on your vision. Ever.