Mars In Aquarius: A Jolt of Fresh Air

There’s a momentum building. Do you feel it? We’re at the cusp of a new year and the Universe is rallying the troops of change. After spending nearly six months in retrograde, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, the patron saints of transformation all went direct by mid-Autumn. We’ve seen the seasons of Scorpio and Sagittarius come and go; each period furthering the wave of progress by asking us to drop the dead weight we had accumulated so that we could venture out—unfettered—into a fuller, diversified  life. We’ve had new moons and full moons.  We’ve had eclipses. Now, we find ourselves at the start of Capricorn season and as with The Goat, we’re using this time to survey how much ground we’ve covered and how much more there is left to go. Through each cycle and season, we learn that the Universe does indeed have a plan: to get the stuck places unstuck. 

Enter Mars in Aquarius.

Ruled by Uranus and in charge of the zodiac’s 11th House of Groups, Organizations, and Hopes—Aquarius works to upset the status quo; to bring power to the people on a socially conscious level (this is an AIR sign) by way of experimentation, intellectual stimulation, and outright rebellious behavior. Wherever Aquarius resides in our chart is where we are most apt to stick it to the man (activism in any form is tied to hopes and wishes is it not?) and unabashedly flaunt our uniqueness (let’s all be different together!).
Aquarius has little patience for old, stodgy behavior. She will get bored. Mars will get bored (and a little testy) if he does not get what he wants. Coupled together, they help to fuel our collective desire for something new. As a matter of fact, we're hungering for it. If there was ever a time for out of the box thinking and actions, this is it. Mars will be in Aquarius from now until February 1, 2013 bringing fresh perspective to the forefront. The only caveat is refraining from going all left field for the sake of going left. We need to make sure there’s an actual method to our madness. Mars in Aquarius is not just for shock and awe purposes. What are we fighting for? Is it worth it? Will the world be a better place as a result of our pushing for our new-fangled ideas? As an example, I am reminded of the tragic shootings that have taken place in 2012 and the heightened push for gun law reform in the United States. With Mars in Aquarius, the biggest question of the moment may be: can we create a place for freedom and structure to peacefully coexist? The future is coming. We need an answer.