Healing What Hurts: The Birth Chart As A Guide

As an astrologer it's a no-brainer that I am a strong believer that our birth charts offer us clues about those worn and torn parts of us that are in need of healing; the parts of us that have accrued damage over the course of our lifetime due to resentments and hurts. When I look at a tough aspect in the natal chart, like a square, opposition, and sometimes the conjunction I don't see the bearer as a hopeless victim or as someone doomed to a life of failure and unhappiness. What I see is an opportunity for change. I see the chance for a person to manifest the relationships and situations that he or she truly wants in life.

I'll further explain what I mean:

I know a man who for the purposes of anonymity, we'll call George. George was born with his Moon in Libra square his Venus in Capricorn. This means that when it comes to relationships (namely with women as represented by the feminine energy of the Moon and Venus), his Moon’s needs (emotional) conflict with what he loves or deems desirable (Venus). In this case, when it comes to relationship--the area of life where we most use our Moon and Venusian energy, George is comforted by a woman who reminds him of his mother (Moon). However, he attracts and is attracted to women (Venus) who are nothing like mom (Moon). George is totally conflicted by what he needs vs. what he wants. As many of us know, this is a common issue in love. 

Since the Moon in our charts can represent our mother or the kind of nurturing energy we received as children, George probably experienced a mom that was clingy, overly self-sacrificing, and possibly manipulative; as such is Libran energy expressed in a disempowered way. Somewhere in his emotional makeup, George must have deemed or learned to deem his mother's energy as unacceptable and therefore with his Capricorn Venus, he disassociates himself from mom loving women that are detached and self-preserving (the double edged swords of Cap!).   

Unfortunately as a result of this push-pull dynamic, George is encumbered with tumultuous, short-lived relationships because his couple-oriented Moon (Libra) is put off by the Capricorn-like coldness of his lovers. A part of him is afraid of losing his independence but can’t stand being alone. Out of fear and discomfort, George then finds himself taking on his “moonish” qualities in the unhealed dynamic--he becomes clingy and manipulative thereby turning his lovers off. What George doesn't realize is that this tough aspect between his Moon and Venus is an opportunity for him to heal his hang-ups about relationships. This aspect along with the rest of his chart shows his evolutionary mission is to heal and be healed by deep lasting bonds. George is here to learn that there is strength in vulnerability.

In its essence, the birth chart is a guideline, a map. It gives us a clue as to how things work internally on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. When we take the time out to tap into the power of our charts, what we actually find is how best to tap into the power of ourselves. We can see where we need to heal and just how to do it.