Libra Season: Awfully Nice

In the English language, I think the oxymoron best captures the Libran ability for peacefully blending together the seemingly contradictory.

As the sign represented by The Scales and associated with the zodiac's Seventh House of Partnerships/Marriage, Libra teaches the rest of us how to get by on the power of harmony and aesthetic. Libra knows that without these, the world would meld into one big chaotic mess. This is why Libra influenced people work so hard at keeping those scales balanced.

In the spirit of maintaining balance, here's my list of oxymorons describing how life has been for me thus far this season (and yes, feel free to create your own):

  1. Awfully nice
  2. Bitter sweet
  3. Definite maybe
  4. Cool passion
  5. Magic realism
  6. Resident alien
  7. Minor miracle
  8. Seriously funny
  9. Static flow
  10. Working vacation
  11. Peaceful conquest
  12. Random order
  13. Student teacher
  14. Upward fall
  15. Wise fool