Cancer Season: Slow It Down

It's fitting that the peak of vacation season coincides with the Sun's passage through Cancer--as the time for closing up shop, getting away, and relaxing with loved ones falls under The Crab's jurisdiction. If Gemini season was all about hustle and bustle, then Cancer season is certainly about taking a much needed time out to catch our breath before the "boom, boom, pow!" of Leo season bursts in to shove us back into the spotlight. Like Cancer, when we hit a sensory overload of too many people, places, and things it can make us easily susceptible to moodiness, irritation, and fatigue.

One of the things that I admire about Cancers (as with all water signs) is their ability to withdraw into a self-protective "shell" when their batteries need a recharge. We have a lot going on in The Cosmos--planets going retrograde, the

Uranus-Pluto square

, the recent grand cardinal cross--and with all of this activity taking place (as above, so below) we can all use a little R & R. Cancer season is the perfect time to make a space for ourselves to get it.