Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Turn Your High Beams On

Neptune plays a major part in my birth chart. Natally, my sun, Venus, and Neptune are conjunct or rather, “attached” to each other. Well, essentially all planets are more or less attached to one another in a birth chart; whether by conjunction, opposition, square, trine, etc. as these attachments (or aspects, as they are formally called) show how the planets get along with each other. In my case, these three planets function sort of like hip-hop’s A Tribe Called Quest (you know, sans bitter feud).*  By astrological definition, this aspect in my chart makes me Neptunian and with Pisces (the zodiac sign associated with old Nep) being on my natal 8th House cusp, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I attract lots and lots of Neptunians too (even if I don’t want to).**

Who or what exactly is a Neptunian? Folks like me where the planet is prominent in their chart, those born under the Sun, Moon, or Rising sign of Pisces, those with major planets in the 12th house, the intuitives and the creatives, the dreamers, the healers, the escapists and the illusionists, the victims and the saviors—and yes, there is a little Neptune in us all. However, how we choose to express this energy is what makes all the difference. Ruling the 12th House of Dreams, Spirituality, and Self-Undoing; Neptune is an idealist, a true romantic. Where ever she (the planet represents a feminine energy) touches us, either at the natal point or by transit, we become totally unconcerned with boundaries and harsh realism. Neptune softens our consciousness; she takes the edge off. As such, we either find ourselves in a state of bliss or in a hazy confusion. 

When Neptune moved long term into its home sign of Pisces in  February 2012 after a 14-year transit in Aquarius, many in the astrological community heralded this shift as a much needed softening of the human collective.  If Neptune in Aquarius made our wildest dreams come true with the development of the internet, social media, fancy gadgets that in effect kept us plugged-in, then Neptune in Pisces is here to help us unplug. Spirituality, compassion, and optimism become paramount, as does the potential for escapism, self-delusion, and gullibility.  With the retrograde, we are being asked to review the space that Neptune occupies in our lives (look to your birth chart to find out where). Are we dreaming big enough or too big? Is it compassion we feel or are we playing savior? Do we trust our intuition or ignore it?  Are we seeing the people and situations in our lives as they really are or how we want them to be? Overall, how do we get our head and heart to successfully coincide? From now until November 10, 2012 the answers to these questions will be crucial.

As you mull it all over, watch this Piscean themed vid:

*My partner, Jason Fleming-El aka Sagittarian Mind, is sure to be happy that I used a hip-hop reference to explain an  astrological term.  Like, he’s gonna marry me after this and whatnot.
** Kidding. Sort of.