Mars In Virgo: So Much Work To Do

I don’t know if it’s due to Mars transiting the detail-oriented sign of Virgo but lately I have been hyper aware of public griping. Whether it’s a Facebook status, a Twitter post, or a good old face-to-face conversation, it seems people are perpetually annoyed or angry about SOMETHING. Now, I’m not saying that complaints, valid or otherwise, should be bottled up and ignored (we know that never really works anyway) or that we should suddenly become Shiny Happy People (that won’t necessarily work either) but what I AM saying is that lately, I've been wondering if there is a way that we can better use our energies. Can we cure what ails us?
Mars, the DO planet; the planet of action, aggression, sex drive, desire and determination has been moving through Virgo since November 2011, where it will remain until July 2012. Ruled by Mercury  and ruling the astrological 6th House of  Health & Hygiene, Work, and Everyday Functions (also known as The Mundane), Virgo—on the low end side—is known to be a fussy, nitpicky, mostly dissatisfied Earth sign hell bent on keeping the rest of us on strict routine and regimen. However, when operating in its most positive form, Virgo acts as our personal trainer, our physician, our editor and personal assistant; helping us to cut the crap. Virgo essentially helps us to get (and keep) our shit together.  Virgo gets us structured, organized, and operating like well-oiled beasts of service and duty. (Cue “Soldier of Love”.) There’s hardly a problem that Virgo can’t fix with its penchant for objectivity, analysis, and quick wit.
So, what happens when we pair the planet of doing with the sign of efficiency? We get the opportunity to become the change we seek. Don’t like something? Fix it. Come up with a solution; BE the solution.  To paraphrase a quote from the animated series Adventure Time, Mars in Virgo says “We are the antidote, bruh.” Yes loves, it’s time to get off our high-horse, our asses, et al. and get to work…for the sake of yours and mine.