Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius: Bigger & Deffer

Def (dĕf) :
adj. Slang, def·fer, def·fest.
1. Excellent; first-rate.

Today's lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, which follows last month's solar eclipse in Gemini, continues the most recent eclipse trend on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis that began back in early 2010.  As Gem and Sag rule the zodiac's 3rd and 9th Houses (respectively) of communication, education, and travel; eclipses in these signs tend to push us toward expanding ourselves out of our immediate environment and into the unknown with the aim of learning something new.

Representing the elements of Air (Gemini) and Fire (Sagittarius), this dynamic team is most concerned with What's Out There. Their (or should I say OUR?) mission is to journey out into the world and mingle--to confer and congregate with those of various cultures, backgrounds, and expertise, to LEARN--then to bring back and share what they (I mean, WE) have learned from such experiences. Over the next six months, you will find that this too will be your mission in order to take your career, relationships, and overall self-development to the next phase. Yes, it's time to shake it up, darlings (it was getting a little musty In There, no?).

As always, when it comes to the way the Universe works, the key is for us not to become stagnant or complacent...the world is just too big to do so; there is way too much to do, see, and learn. This is the Gem-Sag mantra! Through travel, communication, and education we expand ourselves; we GROW. We become bigger and deffer, wiser, improved...and that's the point, is it not?