Gemini Season Revisited: What’s the Good Word?

Yes, I know. Gemini Season has technically ended. However, we’ve had lots of planetary activity happening with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all making their rounds through the sign of The Twins. Before the season officially started I had wanted to write one post that encapsulated the energy of Gemini. Instead I wrote two posts, one on Venus Retrograde and the other on the Solar Eclipse. Not a bad move considering Gemini is all about multiplicity; still with all this activity taking place, I wanted to do something a little bigger (blame it on the Sag in me).

Then Jupiter came along. (Ha-ha! See what I did there?)

Anyway, when Jupiter moved into Gemini I was all set to blog on it but I was blocked. Maybe it was my Aquarian Moon rebelling against regurgitating what was already said or maybe, it was because Jupiter is said to be in its ‘detriment’ in Gemini—not exactly functioning at its best capacity. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t until I did something Gemini-like that the light went on. 

A few nights ago, I went down to Brooklyn to attend the Zodiac Lounge, a monthly astrology-infused forum hosted by expert astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds. I went looking to get some new info, to learn, to circulate with folk I had never met before within a relatively short trip from my neighborhood (that’s Gemini!).  The centerpiece of the evening was Sam’s presentation on the genius of Gemini. While Sam lauded Geminis for their gift in bridging gaps between seemingly unrelated worlds, he also spoke about their potential for rigidity and gossip. Here is where I found just what I needed.

Thanks to Sam’s insight plus some rather interesting exchanges that I’ve had within the past few weeks, it occurred to me that the transit of Jupiter in Gemini (and essentially the season of Gemini) is not only about exploration/networking but it’s also about engaging a filter. As a swell of information tumbles in at lightning speed we are being asked to think critically about how much of it we are willing to accept as truth. What do we believe? Who do we believe? Further, do we have any valuable info of our own to add, or are we too heavily focused on fluff? Is the information we're exchanging credible?

Now is a good time to sort it all out.