Taurus Season: Planting the Seeds

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

The sun has officially begun its tour of Taurus where it will remain up until around May 21st. For many of us Taurus energy represents the areas of our lives where we seek out and create physical comfort, as Taurus represents an earthy, palpable kind of mojo. Taurus wants to give you something you can feel--something you can hold on to (cue Bilal please )--like the stem of a Riedel wine glass, the curve of a hip or a shoulder, a moral code, a Basquiat, a homemade meal.

Artwork by Taurus phenom,  Marthalicia 

I think it's fitting we get a New Moon in Taurus on April 21st to kick of this season. Coming in right after Aries, Taurus sits near the beginning of the zodiac, providing a stabilization or continuity to the fresh, regenerative energy brought in from its fire sign cousin. In keeping with the theme of newness and fresh beginnings (think springtime!), the New Moon combined with Taurean energy adds a favorable element to the cosmic mix creating the perfect time for us all to plant seeds for our next initiative.

And since this is Taurus we are talking about, that initiative should be something to boost our resources (financial, physical, etc.)--something we can build steadily over time and enjoy in this material world. If we use the power of this New Moon to set our intentions into action, we should begin to see results of our labor in a relatively short period of time. The seeds that have been planted will bloom.