A Little Applause?

Actually, I have been quite grateful and humbled by the feedback I have received from prior clients. With their permission, I've decided to share a little of it with you.

"Your astrology reading was really insightful. She helped me to identify patterns and reactions that were natural for my birthchart, and also helped me think about how I could use these insights to the best of my ability. I really appreciated how thorough and accurate the reading was, and still refer to it this day!"---Kelly 


"A hovering problem that seemed to have no ending finally was resolved in myself after speaking with you.  You have brought me peace of mind countless times with your knowledge and insight. Honestly if it weren't for your advice and clear understanding of astrological charts I would still be in a tangled, messy situation. I have recommended you to friends who are in a crossroads in their lives as well. You are definitely a person that has made a major change possible in my life. Thank you!" ---Corinne

All I can say is that I am truly glad and honored to be have been able to support these ladies in their self-development. Woot! Woot!